The Mystery of the Unproduced "Mr. Peepers" Script

Yesterday, SF Weekly received a book in a manila envelope with an anonymous note that read, "I found this at City Lights." The book was entitled Peepers, a canticle and was supposedly written by C.L. Kattan, as in Chris Kattan. Commenters to the article said they also saw copies in San Francisco's Green Apple bookstore and Los Angeles's Time Travel Mart.

The book contains a script for an unproduced Mr. Peepers movie, which can also be found online here. The preface explains that the script was finished on September 10th, 2001 but never came to be as the nation was not ready for its heavy satirical content.


Colbert Cuts to the Bone(r) of the Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Well, this is incredible. In a new segment called "Mysteries of the Ancient Unknown – 2012 End of Times," the Colbert Report uncovers some very suspicious goings-on behind the harmless facade of the Denver International Airport. If you ask me, this whole video is a conspiracy. Right at the moment I was wondering how long it would take for someone to release a remixed version of Third Eagle of the Apocalypse William Tapley saying the word "phallic" over and over while playing a Casio in front of a gentle waterfall, IT HAPPENED (kind of). That's a little trick we in the conspiracy industry like to call MIND CONTROL. [...]