WOAH! Dan Harmon Is Close to a Deal with Fox

TV Guide is reporting that Dan Harmon is working on a deal with Fox to write and ideally shoot a pilot. There are no details about the show itself, other than it will probably be multi-camera. Harmon remarked in a recent interview with Marc Maron that he wanted to do a multi-camera show next to prove it isn't the devil. That being said, the network doesn't have any other multi-cam shows, so it might stand out a little bit, unless the thing is animated (which wouldn't make sense, unless he animated a studio audience, which still wouldn't make sense but sounds like something Harmon would do). Harmon [...]

Troy and Pierce in the Morning?

In a recent interview, Danny Pudi was asked about the special relationship between Abed and Troy. He revealed that it wasn't really the plan at first:

Initially [the producers] saw Troy and Pierce as being weird buddies, but things changed. Donald and I just got each other and it fit… “La Biblioteca,” spawned from an interview the two of us did. Dan Harmon saw it, spun it into a Spanish rap and put it at the end of the show. From then on we were doing a tag at the end of every episode — which was awesome because my secret desire to be on Saturday Night Live [...]

Abed Says "Cool" a Lot on 'Community'

Cool cool cool cool. "Cool cool cool, cool cool — cool." Cool cool! Cool cool cool cool Buzzfeed cool. Cool, cool cool cool (cool). Cool, cool cool cool?

Slap on a Costume and Watch 'Community's' Comic-Con Panel

Once you get passed the weird Bar Mitzvah dancer-esque intros, this is a loosey, goosey fun time. Not much news is given up, other than that Nick Kroll and his Germans are coming back, but it's nice to see the gang somewhat seriously talk about their characters and hang out with each other. And for what it's worth, doesn't David Guarascio just seem like a really cool guy. He's just all smiles and hair.

The Internet Is Creating the 'Community' Video Game You Hoped it Would

It was hard to watch "Digital Estate Planning" and not think, "I hope to play this game some day." Well, that some day is today. The Internet did its job of being the Internet and has created a very impressive facsimile. The developer is still very much working on it, as he has only finished the first three levels, but it's still quite fun to jump on some hippies as Britta (or Britta dressed as a dinosaur). If you want to play the game and/or help the process, head over to Reddit. I heard if you beat the whole thing, Dan Harmon gets his job back. (Ok, [...]

'Community' is (Finally) Doing a Video Game Episode

Hollywood Reporterand AV Club have exclusive photos from the first of tomorrow's three Community episode and they look super cool (the rest are after the jump). For obvious reasons, video games are such a perfect fit for Community that it's surprising they've never done it before. Apparently, in an attempt to save Pierce's inheritance, the gang plays this video game against Giancarlo Esposito (aka Breaking Bad's Gus Fring!). Sounds like the Community and the best.

Gillian Jacobs Discusses 'Community's' True Geniuses Dan Harmon and Torg

Gill-Jax is out promoting Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, but since her appearance in the film is brief, there is plenty of time for Community questions. The first being how does she feel about this whole Dan Harmon dust-up:

We're all very grateful to him, because he really changed our lives and our careers, so we have an infinite amount of gratitude towards him and his beautiful writing and his ambition. But being an actor, we don't often have any power [over who is showrunner or not]. We're all used to being in a position of no power, no decision-making. We're trying to focus [...]

'Community' #FourSeasonsAndAnArtShow

LA's PixelDrop Gallery will be housing an art show inspired by Community on June 23rd and 24th, entitled appropriately enough, "Six Seasons and a Movie". It makes sense considering that if television ratings were determined solely by the amount of fan art generated, Community would be like the Superbowl and finale of Seinfeld combined. Check out more images after the jump. As if often the case, the darkest timeline seems to also be the artiest timeline.