Treat Yourself to the First Trailer for Tommy Wiseau's New Sitcom 'The Neighbors'

Back in July, Tommy Wiseau released a teaser for his long in-the-works sitcom The Neighbors, and he recently added the first full length trailer as well as a list of screenings in November and December. This trailer alone is full of carefully crafted lines we will no doubt quote for centuries to come, such as "Hi Monica, how're ya doin'?" "Whoaaa!" and "Aaaggghh!" Head over to the official Neighbors website to see if Wiseau's latest masterpiece will be screened in a theater near you.

Tracy Morgan Was Very Tracy Morganesque on 'Conan' Last Night

Wearing a blinged out (do kidz theze dayz still say that?) "#1 Dad" necklace, Tracy Morgan dropped by Conan to give President Obama tattoo advice, talk about having a threesome with O.J. Simpson and Kris Jenner, tickle Andy, and basically take over the show for ten minutes. Man, when he's on, Tracy is the best kind of crazy. In the clip below, at the end of the interview Conan C. Black asked, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Nothing's wrong – he's just Tracy.

Listen to Gallagher Walk Out on Marc Maron: "Aw, come on, Gallagher."

The latest episode of Marc Maron's WTF Podcast is a doozy: a half-hour conversation between Marc and a seriously unhinged-sounding Gallagher, who ends up walking out after accusing Maron of disagreeing with everything he says and being some sort of pinko, amongst other things. It's really something! Gallagher is an angry, awful man, and it's pretty amazing to listen to Maron get into it with him. Also, as a bonus, a nice sampling from Gallagher's insane Twitter account:

Norm Macdonald Talks About Working for 'Roseanne' and Comedians Labeled "Crazy" and "Difficult"

Norm Macdonald took to Twitter late last night and delivered a lengthy but enlightening missive about the nature of creativity in comedy, the unfair reputation of comedians who are called "difficult" and "crazy," and his brief stint as a writer for Roseanne from 1992-1993. Here's an excerpt from what Macdonald had to say:

When the show ended, the Harvard boys went to other shows and were paid millions. After all, they had written Roseanne. Sort of. And Roseanne went away. She may have wanted to. I don’t know. But I do know what she was called. 'Difficult.' 'Crazy' even. These are words that are dismissive and can torpedo [...]

The Ten Craziest Sentences From This Profile of SNL Alum Victoria Jackson

In chronological order as they appear in the Miami New Times.

"Marlene was convinced her daughter could avoid schizophrenia only if she became an extreme extrovert."

"At the Playboy mansion, Victoria stood on her head and recited poetry while half-naked Bunnies looked at her quizzically."

"There she lost her virginity to the fire-eater."*

"'If I don't marry him, God will say, 'She's a slut.""

"When Victoria left audiocassette box sets of the Bible in each [SNL] castmate's mail slot for Christmas, they were angrily returned."

"One year later, [Victoria's husband] used a shotgun to obliterate a pit bull that was attacking his partner."

"'It's OK to be a [...]

Ted Turner or Will Forte Is Mad at Clint Eastwood or Everyone

I'm not saying that buffalo is or is not from a prop house but if it was, what a majestic prop house that would be. It would be the tip top prop house, pop. Yes, you pop, I know your feelings toward prop houses. So, just stop pop, don’t zap or map or mop the tip top prop house – just nap, pap. That's a rap.

Gallagher Is Selling His Props in the Most Schadenfreude-y Auction Ever

Notorious prop comic and crazyperson Gallagher has not had a good couple of months. First, he had a bit of a meltdown during an interview with Marc Maron for his WTF Podcast, storming out after 30 minutes and sounding seriously unhinged. Then, he suffered a heart attack onstage at a show, forcing him to cancel a string of tour dates and have a stint placed in his heart. And now? Well, it looks like the watermelon smashing game isn't as lucrative as it once was, as our man with a mullet is selling off a bunch of insane shit in order to keep his house.

An [...]