Stephen Colbert Uncovers that Vince Gilligan Pretty Much Is Walter White at This Point

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan dropped by The Colbert Report last night, and Stephen Colbert had the wisdom to point out that, after years of living in the head of the chemistry teacher-turned meth cook to write the show, he pretty much is Walter White now. Plus, they both have rad goatees. If Vince Gilligan is, in fact, running an unlawful meth manufacturing operation, he sure kept his cool during the interview, laughing the idea off… just like Walter White would do. Stephen Colbert's getting too close to the truth. If I were him, I'd be keeping an eye out for ricin.

Threats to the South Park Creators Will Get a Guilty Plea Today

A Muslim convert in Brooklyn is expected to plead guilty today for posting online threats against the South Park creators for insulting the prophet Muhammed. A good reminder for all of us to take comedy a little less seriously, maybe.

Comedian Fined $15,000 After Making Homophobic Insults Against Audience Member

As if open-mics weren't nightmarish enough. Yesterday Canadian comedian Guy Earle was fined $15,000 after the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal determined his homophobic rant against audience member Lorna Pardy constituted discrimination.

The charges stem from an incident on May 22, 2007, when Pardy and then-partner Zoe Broomsgrove attended a comedy show at Zesty Restaurant in Vancouver. Reportedly Earle unleashed a stream of homophobic insults at the couple after seeing them kiss, which then lead to the comedian going into the audience, the pair arguing and Pardy throwing a glass of water in his face. Earle admits he insulted the couple but defended himself, saying he was just [...]