Sarah Silverman Protests the $500,000 Vagina Tax by Becoming a Man

In an effort to put an end to the gender wage gap, Sarah Silverman recently teamed up with a great cause called the Equal Payback Project in the above video promo for their new crowdfunding push. Considering the project probably won't rake in its full $29,811,746,430,000 goal, Silverman makes a much smarter career move with a little help from an artificial penis and friendly surgeon played by Michaela Watkins.

Someone Is Funding a 'Ghostbusters II' Documentary on Kickstarter

Oregon-based filmmaker Bradley Bjornstad has taken to Kickstarter to raise money for a pair of Ghostbusters II-related projects. He's asking for $100,000 to make a documentary about how the production of the disappointing sequel went awry, and he's also looking to use the money to create "a definitive Ghostbusters 2 Extended Cut" with deleted scenes from the cutting room floor restored back into the movie, including a key plot point about Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) training to be a Ghostbuster that didn't make it into the final cut of the film.

Bjornstad wants the documentary to feature interviews with "every main cast member and the main principles behind the camera," [...]

A Documentary About 'New Yorker' Cartoonists Needs Your Help

The makers of Very Semi-Serious, a new documentary taking audiences behind the scenes of the New Yorker cartoons of the past, present, and future just opened a Kickstarter in hopes of gaining funding to finish production and complete post-production. Featuring illustrators Matt Diffee, Emily Flake, Zach Kanin, Robert Mankoff, and tons more, the documentary is nearly half way to its $75,000 goal as of this writing but still has a ways to go in case you're feeling charitable and/or love New Yorker cartoon backstories.

The Inevitable 'Party Down' Movie: What Does the 'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Mean for Comedy?

In just 11 hours yesterday, fans of the short-lived cult hit TV drama Veronica Mars rallied around their beloved series to raise $2 million to finance a movie follow-up via a Kickstarter campaign started by creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell. The project broke Kickstarter's funding record and not only reached but exceeded its initial $2 million goal in no time at all. As of this writing, over 45,000 people have contributed over $2.7 million to the movie, making it an overwhelming instant success. Something like this has never been done before, but will it be done again? Will this change how movies get funded and bring more [...]

Help Chris O'Dowd Make a Hot Air Balloon Shaped Like Peter Griffin's Testicles

It's for cancer awareness, not that you needed a reason. The Daily Dot reports that Chris O'Dowd has teamed up with British charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign for their new Indiegogo campaign called "Skyballs" to "build, launch and tour the world in a hot-air balloon shaped like a giant pair of testicles." More specifically, the testicles will take on the shape of that of Family Guy's Peter Griffin, and they will tour around the world next year to celebrate MCAC's 10th anniversary and also serve as an obvious reminder to the men down below to "act on the early warning signs of male cancers."

The Indiegogo campaign [...]

Help Fund the Standup Documentary/Mockumentary Hybrid 'This Is Comedy'

Standup/director Tom McCaffrey is seeking funding via Kickstarter for his new movie, This Is Comedy, a combination documentary/mockumentary that will chronicle the lives of real standup comedians while also documenting the fake struggles of McCaffrey. He's already shot interviews with Janeane Garofalo, Jim Gaffigan, Margaret Cho, Sean Patton, and others, and is looking for $17,500 finish the film in case you have that much money to give or just a fraction of it.

The '5 Second Films' Team Wants You to Fund Their First Full-Length Movie

For the past five years, a group of filmmakers have been making movies for their website 5-Second Films every single weekday, and now they're looking to make their first full-length movie. The 5-Second Films team, whose shorts have featured comedians like Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, and Weird Al, put up a Kickstarter today for their feature Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 in an attempt to raise $200,000 to make the '80s slasher movie-skewering comedy. The movie is based on a 5-second film the group made and later expanded into a fake trailer. See below for a trailer and a longer description of the movie from a group that Patton [...]

Ted Alexandro Is Seeking Funding for His Web Series 'Teachers Lounge', Featuring Janeane Garofalo, Jim Gaffigan, and More

Here's the Kickstarter video for Teachers Lounge, a web series created by and starring comedians Ted Alexandro and Hollis James that's seeking funding via the site. Following a music teacher (Alexandro) and a janitor (James) who hang out in an NYC public school's teachers lounge, the show features guest appearances from Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo, Lewis Black, Judy Gold, Judah Friedlander, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Rachel Feinstein, Michael Che, Todd Barry, and Ted Leo, and is worth working into your comedy web series crowdfunding budget for the month.

Help Fund Jonathan Katz's Animated Series 'Death Row Diet'

Jonathan Katz, star and co-creator of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, is taking to Kickstarter to fund his new animated series, Death Row Diet. The show is based on an award-winning animated film of the same name (embedded above) that Katz made with animator Mike Salva. The short follows an inmated on death row (voiced by Katz) who's more concerned with his Weight Watchers diet than his impending execution. It's now being expanded into a full series about that character's life in prison. The project previously had a funding source and several scripts were written, but the funding source pulled out and they're now turning to the public via [...]

Kurt Braunohler Raised $4,000 via Kickstarter to Make a Joke in Skywriting

In the best use of crowdfunding yet, comedian Kurt Braunohler (Bunk) created a Kickstarter campaign and successfully raised $4,000 to put the phrase "How do I land?" in the air above Los Angeles via skywriting. Fast Company has an interview with Braunohler in which he explains why crowdfunding is best used for stupid, absurd purposes like this one. It's an interesting look at how the Veronica Mars movie of skywriting humor came to be.