Cameron Esposito Interviews Her Dad About Catholicism and Coming Out

The A.V. Club published a new installment of standup Cameron Esposito's ongoing column "Who in the World Is Cameron Esposito?" today, and this time Esposito decided to interview her conservative Catholic father about his struggle to accept her sexuality after she came out, and how it's affected his faith. While it took him a while to come to terms with everything, he eventually became what she calls "a warrior on my behalf." Here's an excerpt:

CE: When I was 25, I moved back to Chicago from Boston. Not long after I moved back, you apologized to me for the years you’d struggled with my coming out. What had [...]

Tim Allen Is Your One Friend's Angry Dad In Last Man Standing

Tim Allen returned on Tuesday as America's every-man in Last Man Standing, but as Linda Holmes of NPR's Monkey See points, Allen's character on Standing is more like that dad who rants about gay marriage when you're all trying to watch the Indians game. Holmes details a few of the more stroke-inducing moments of the pilot, which range from Allen laughing at the idea of his wife driving his pick-up, to Allen pulling his son out of an "unmanly" day care so he wouldn't end up "dancing on a float." Tim Allen then imitates a gay man dancing on a float. I sure hope they do a [...]

Henry Winkler Will Play Jean-Ralphio's Dad on 'Parks and Rec'

It looks like we'll be meeting more of Jean-Ralphio's family next season on Parks and Recreation. THR reports that living TV legend Henry Winkler will be playing the dad of actor Ben Schwartz's popular club-hobbing douchebag character, Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. The news comes a year after Jenny Slate was cast as Jean-Ralphio's sister, Mona-Lisa, who appeared in three episodes so far. Winkler, who recently starred in the latest seasons of Arrested Development and Childrens Hospital, has signed on to appear in the first episode of Parks and Recreation's upcoming sixth season, an hour-long season premiere set in London that airs September 26th. He'll potentially recur on the [...]

Snoop Dogg Is Your New Sitcom Dad

So many sitcoms feature the same tired duo of a hot, cranky wife and a bumbling dolt of a dad. Isn't it time we shifted the paradigm to a hot, cranky wife and a dad who is just so fucking high? Would that every life lesson be taught at a Taco Bell! If any program is going to pioneer this culture shift, it's going to be Snoop Dog's new show, developed at Warner Bros TV and on the verge of being shopped around to networks. Snoop Dogg will star as the father on the multi-camera sitcom in a role that echoes his reality show Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, [...]

Zosia Mamet Tells Conan that David Mamet Was Exactly the Dad You'd Expect

Nepotism shmepotism. People have complained about how the stars of Girls have famous parents, which is a dumb thing to complain about, but regardless the upside is these actresses tell hilarious stories about their dads. Like how David Mamet's only acting advice was that "acting school was bullshit." Apparently, school in general was bullshit, as he pushed his daughters to drop out of high school. Zosia seems like she's doing OK and she also curses a ton (as can be seen in the clip below) – David must be super proud.

Befuddled Dad Billy Crystal Talks to Jon Stewart about Funny or Die, Twitter, and Other Such Newfangled Things

Last night on The Daily Show, Billy Crystal showed up to promote…a Funny or Die video? That his daughters and two son-in-laws produced? And also the fact that he was going to tweet for the first time that night? It was all very strange! Since when do you go on TV to promote a web video? The way he talked about it, it made it seem like some sort of big familial favor from Billy Crystal. It's like when you ask your father-and-law for help getting a job at the plant where he is the manager, except instead of it being a plant it is the entertainment industry and [...]