Mr. Brand Goes to Parliament

A few weeks ago, Russell Brand was brought to Parliament to speak on the matter of decriminalizing drugs. Instead, he used the opportunity to speak to what he believed was the heart of issue, the way addicts are treated by the government. Brand, a former heroin addict, eloquently and thoughtfully argued that addicts should be viewed not as criminal but as sick people that need help. Does this not sound like the former Mr. Katy Perry to you? Maybe, I should mention that Brand showed up wearing a black cowboy hat and a tank top under a floor-length black trench coat – the man still got it.

Harrison Ford Sure Seemed Crazy High on Letterman Last Night

Much like Harrison Ford, I too want to ride horses around Manhattan with David Letterman when I'm insanely high. You really have to watch the entirety of Harrison Ford's David Letterman interview to really get the scope of his uncharacteristically spacey, slightly terrified delivery (and to actually see the horses), but the whole experience feels like a reprise of Harrison's Conan interview last year. There are a lot of amazing moments, like when Ford starts his diatribe about only being an Academy-Award nominee or when he disparages the Grand Canyon, but the hands-down best part is when when Ford attempts to set up the Cowboys And [...]

Brian Posehn Convinces Conan to Only Smoke Pot with Two-Eyed Men

Do you smoke pot? Don't worry, I'm not a cop. You ever get so high that you find yourself hanging out with some dude named Ganja John and then Ganja John takes out one of his eyes and you are like, "Woooooah, put your eye back in, dude?" Well that happened to Brian Posehn and it changed him forever. Also, I am a cop, you're arrested. JK, I'm not. Double JK, put your hands behind your back and laugh, because triple JK, this was a bit.

Oh, Right, It's 4/20

Forgive me for being a little blasé about this whole made-up stoner holiday, but I think we sort of shot our wad when it comes to talkin' about stoner comedy a couple of weeks ago during Stoner Week. But hey, that content is still as fresh as the dank bud you're smokin', bro. Why not peruse one or all of these fine articles?

Stephen Colbert Has a 4/20 Message for You: Watch Out!

Woah, man, Stephen Colbert is taking today off so he can harsh our mellows, man. What a bummer dude. Hope he doesn't show up when I'm deep in that thick chronic smoke or something. He ain't going to take away my peace pipe, until Jah comes floating into town, if you know what I'm saying. You don't? I'm sorry, I don't really know how drugs work. Also, do you know anyone named Moonbeam? Because I hope she's (or he's?) self-aware enough to have some irony about it.

Harrison Ford Was High as Shit on Conan Last Night

Before Reggie Watts killed it on Conan last night, Harrison Ford showed up in a state that can only be described as being fucked out of his mind. Seriously, have you ever seen someone so clearly on drugs before in your life? There is literally no other explanation for this other than that he's picked up a late-in-life case of Autism. But that seems unlikely, doesn't it? I just wanna know what Han Solo is on here. It seems relaxing.