Left Handed Radio: Come to a Staged Reading of 'Dark Knight 4' Thursday Night

Left Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 25 writers collaborate on a sequel to one of film's biggest franchises. The catch is that the writers of all stripes (The Onion, Fast Company, McSweeney's) pen one page at a time, and only get to see the page before their own. The results are hilariously twisted and virtually no different than a real sequel.

This month is Dark Knight 4! Batman faces off against his old nemesis: plot holes.

Thursday, September 6th at 7:30 PM, UCB East Theatre, 3rd Street and Avenue A, NYC. Tickets are $5. Make reservations now!

Montreal Just for Laughs: The Highlights

The thing about the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, or any comedy festival for that matter, is the number of times you have to make a Sophie’s Choice prioritizing which acts you’d like to see.

It’s especially difficult at JFL, the influential festival that celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, as at any given time festival goers had approximately 15 shows to choose from. Do you go see a one of the New Faces shows, or check out Aziz doing his new special, or maybe watch Anthony Jeselnik or Amy Schumer test run jokes for next week’s taping of the Roseanne Barr Roast? Lots of tough calls.

And to [...]

At The Just For Laughs Festival in Comedy's First City

Reclamation of The Second City as Chicago’s once pejorative nickname happened long before I developed an interest in comedy. And as an avid comedy fan attending the 2012 Just For Laughs Chicago festival, it became clear that the interest in comedy of the city’s citizens must have had much to do with that connotative shift.

Most literally, this was evidenced by seminal Conan writer Brian Stack’s return to the eponymous Second City training center three days prior the start of the festival proper for the recording of the popular Improv Nerd podcast. Before his tenure at Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Stack was hired by Second City after being [...]

Watch a Secret Childish Gambino Show Streaming Live Tonight

Donald Glover is performing a "secret" show tonight in LA under his hip hop moniker Childish Gambino. If you either don't live in LA or do but don't feel like waiting in line only to be crammed into a small space with a bunch of other sweaty people when it's easier to just stay home, it'll be streaming live on YouTube right over here. It kicks off at 8pm EST/5PM PST. Nice and early so you can still get to bed by 10pm afterwards.

Secret Policeman's Ball Adds Eddie Izzard, Chris O'Dowd, Taran Killam & More

Not content to be hoarding only 80% of the world's comedians, the Secret Policeman's Ball has added Eddie Izzard, Chris O'Dowd, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, Jay Pharoah, Liam Neeson, Matt Berry, Jimmy Carr, Tim Roth and Burmese comedian Maung Thura Zarganar to the lineup. Phew. Boy, if this event were any more star-studded it would be the clear, deepening night sky viewed from the middle of a lonely country field, amirite?

Come to a Live Taping of "It's That Episode" Next Thursday!

Podcasts are fun, but listening to them is generally a pretty solitary affair. But it doesn't have to be! Come to a live taping of It's That Episode with Craig Rowin and be surrounded by likeminded people who won't give you a strange look for laughing out loud, unlike the folks on the subway.

The live taping will take place next Thursday, August 30th at 11pm at UCBEast in NYC. The guests will be David Young (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Henry Zebrowski (Murderfist) and Connor Ratliff (The Stepfathers). Here's what Craig says to expect: Each guest will be showing a clip from a different TV show and [...]

All Improv, No Sleep: Inside the 14th Annual Del Close Marathon

When you’re surrounded by several hundred sweat-drenched people on a New York City sidewalk for hours at a time, you don’t expect to see so many smiles. Unless, apparently, the crowd’s waiting to catch a taping of celebrity quiz show Match Game ‘76, or an X-rated pantomime performed by chanting robots, or a brilliantly threaded 30 minutes of completely improvised comedy — or all three in the same hour. Last weekend, a small army of exuberant fans streamed into the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (and several nearby spaces) for all this and more, courtesy of the 14th annual Del Close Marathon, a sleepless weekend celebrating improv at [...]

What to Expect When Dave Chappelle Does a Surprise Show in Your Town

Following an abrupt departure from his wildly popular (and still widely quoted) sketch show, stand-up/actor Dave Chappelle has managed to maintain a relatively low profile. Though he’s opted to stay out of the spotlight, he still does badass things like decide, on a whim, to ride his motorcycle across the country for a secret run of shows. Earlier this week, with less than 24 hours notice, Chappelle scheduled and sold out Austin’s 1,200-seat Paramount Theater. It was a rare opportunity to witness the emotional and intellectual growth of a legendary act, but unfortunately, the audience was mostly there to see the Prince-mocking Half Baked star’s greatest hits. When the toned-down comic [...]

Just For Laughs Chicago Announces its Preliminary Lineup

The Just For Laughs Chicago comedy festival hits the Windy City on June 12-17 this summer, and they've just announced the initial lineup. It's pretty stacked, with acts that include Vince Vaughn, Aziz Ansari, Stephen Merchant, Bill Engvall, Billy Gardell, John Pinette, Patton Oswalt, John Oliver, Kevin Smith, Mike Birbiglia, Jeff Ross, Amy Schumer, The Dan Band and Henson Alternative’s Stuffed and Unstrung. More comedians are set to be announced in the near future, but if you're in Chicago or will be there this summer, this looks pretty awesome already. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am. The full press release is after the jump.

Hey Boston, Go See Some Comedy Central Specials Get Taped This Week

If you live in Boston and enjoy the comedy, you should click here and sign up to go see some standups tape their Comedy Central specials for free. There are two shows nightly from Tuesday through Thursday of this week featuring comics such as Joe Mande, Garfunkel and Oates, Rory Scovel and Neal Brennan. Great news for Bostonians! But non-Bostonians, don't worry, you still win, as you don't live in Boston.

The New York Comedy Festival Is Coming and Bringing In Kevin Hart, Robin Williams, Aziz Ansari, and More

The annual New York Comedy Festival is returning this fall, and as usual it's bringing a whole slew of high-profile shows to NYC. The biggest shows include Ricky Gervais chatting with John Hodgman at Town Hall for a Paley Center event, Kevin Hart at Madison Square Garden, Aziz Ansari at the Apollo Theater and Carnegie Hall, Bill Maher at the Beacon Theater, and "David Steinberg and Robin Williams Talking About Nothing That Important" at the 92Y. Those are the first big events announced, but expect a whole shitload more in coming days, as the festival generally hosts events at practically every comedy room in the city. Other comedians [...]

Julie Klausner Shows Us How Her Jimmy Jazz Works: 'How Was Your Week' Live at the Bell House

Let’s just say you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Julie Klausner and Ted Leo duet the incredibly creepy Bryan McKnight song “How Your Pussy Works” with a 6 foot cat dancing back up. If you were at The Bell House this past Wednesday for the third live installment of Klausner’s hilarious podcast “How Was Your Week,” then you know exactly what I mean. And yes, we will get back to the six-foot cat on stage.

It’s been a few months since I covered the last HWYW Live for Splitsider and I wanted to find out from Julie before Wednesday’s event why she originally brought the show to the [...]

Surviving Bonnaroo

Within an hour of arriving at Bonnaroo, I‘d stumbled into a smoky circle of kids from Annapolis. Across from me sat a shirtless boy who, between long draws from a Camelbak, kept loudly referencing The Tao of Pooh; to my right, one showing off the glass pipes he’d picked up at a roadside 3-for-1 sale. I checked my phone: still no service. With about 75 more hours of festival to go, this did not bode well.

A cross between Woodstock and spring break (circa 1998), in its ten-year run Bonnaroo has earned a reputation as a drug friendly hippie holiday, a completely immersive experience as focused on fostering [...]

Go See TJ Miller's Mash Up for Free in LA

Just in case today's guide to LA's comedy scene wasn't enough for you, here's a form to sign up for free tickets to Comedy Central's standup series Mash Up, hosted by TJ Miller. Comedians performing: Deon Cole, Nick Vatterott, Reggie Watts, Sean Flannery, Tom Segura, Chris D'Elia, Tig Notaro, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jonah Ray, Pete Holmes, Jon Dore, Jared Logan, Chris Hardwick, Hannibal Buress and others. Pretty great! You might as well go, as life is fleeting and brief moments of joy that are delivered by free entertainment are rare indeed.