The Kid from 'Two and a Half Men' Said Some More Religious Stuff, Has a Neckbeard Now

Two and a Half Men's titular half man Angus T. Jones left the show last summer, calling the show "filth" in a testimonial video for a Christian cult he belongs to, and he did a local TV interview in Houston, Texas, out today that gives an update on what's going on with his life:

1) He's still super religious, saying he may return to acting in "Bible-based stories and stuff like that." 2) He still thinks Two and a Half Men is evil ("I was making light of topics in our world that are problems for a lot of people, and I was a paid hypocrite because I [...]

Jason Mantzoukas: "Since Growing the Beard, I Haven't Stopped Working"

"Since growing the beard, I haven't stopped working. There seems to be a neverending number of maniacs, sociopaths, and sleazeballs that need a bearded greek to portray them."

The League's Jason Mantzoukas in a piece he wrote for GQ about the pros and cons of having big crazy beard.