Harrison Ford's Feud With Chewbacca Blows Up On Kimmel

My heart broke when a disappointingly not-high Harrison Ford and Chewbacca fought on Kimmel last night, though the promise of an Air Force One…2 took the edge off a little bit. "Daniel Craig's my Wookie bitch now," Ford snarled at his former sidekick, in the best promotional plug for Cowboys And Aliens I've heard so far. I guess there are just some things that are unforgivable, like knowing your spouse cheated on you with a gigantic humanoid man-Yorkie. Oh, but those plaintive yowls! Harrison did divorce Mary Marquardt in 1979 after the release of New Hope, though whatever sex act she allegedly performed with Chewie that has her [...]

"Until then, die in a fiery accident": The Apatow-Brazill Emails

Guys, this email exchange between Judd Apatow and Mark Brazill, creator of That '70s Show, might have happened in 2001, but we like to revisit them to remind ourself that while Cable Guy might have faded into our collective memory, death-threats are timeless. After Apatow sets off a firestorm by inquiring if Topher Grace could do Freaks And Geeks (Topher Grace: behind every poisonous Hollywood feud since 1998), Brazill basically accuses Apatow of plagiarizing his rock band pilot Yard Dogs, and things quickly go downhill from there. "Personally, I feel you've made a career out of being a sycophant to Carrey or Shandling or Roseanne, and when you [...]