Amy Poehler Answers Your Question about Friendships with a SPECIAL Guest

Did you watch it to the end!? I don't want to spoil who it was but how great was it when she panned the camera over to her friend? Correct, super great. It propagates the perception that our favorite famous funny people hang out with our other favorite famous funny people. Anyway, we should all listen to Amy Poehler talk about friendship because she obvs know how to pick 'em.

How Can We Become Best Friends with the Cast of 'Happy Endings'?

New York has a story about the Happy Endings cast that is so frustrating. Casts will always say they're friends but these guys are the real deal. Since I doubt you or I will ever be cast as a series regular, how can we get them to be our friends? Just read the description of when they first hung out:

The group began bonding the night of the very first table read, when they went for drinks at the Chateau Marmont and ended up at Cuthbert’s house, where it became clear that this group of “friends” was actually going to be friends. “I hope he forgives me [...]