The Fridge-Sized Steve Agee Documents His Director's Nerdy Replica Movie Props Collection

And that's a tall fridge! You could fit so many everlasting gobstoppers in that fridge or Steve Agee. Though you probs shouldn't because they'd last forever and you'd have a useless refrigerator or Steve Agee. This video was made as part of an indiegogo campaign to help fund a horror comedy starring Agee. In the film, Agee plays a serial killer's fridge, who comes to life when dead bodies' blood gets into the coolant. It's called "Refrigerate-Dead."

Donate to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Get a Goat Named After You

Eugene Mirman has taken to Kickstarter to help finance this year's Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Brooklyn, because he wants to do some ridiculous and unprofitable things. Things like set up a petting zoo outside the venue and, you know, pay comedians to perform at it. The incentives for donating are all pretty excellent, from an autographed WWII helmet that acts as a VIP badge to a 22-year-old "handler" to hang out with you all weekend and be "sort of helpful." But my favorite may be this one: "An autographed ostrich egg that gets you and a guest into the VIP HUSH-HUSH AFTERPARTY, a roped off area in [...]

A Proposed Kickstarter to Help Louis C.K. Raise $8 Million to Make a Movie

Louis C.K. said in his Reddit AMA that he would make a movie if he had $8 million. Shouldn't be too hard to round up, right? We've taken it upon ourselves to come up with some Kickstarter incentives for the project:

$1: You get the satisfaction of being a material Louis C.K. supporter at the lowest possible level and nothing else because it's only one dollar.

$5: You get to download Louis' new special, obviously.

$25: You get a copy of the movie on DVD/Blu-ray/digital download/whatever.

$50: You get a copy of the movie and the first two seasons of Louie.

$100: You get a signed [...]

Chris Gethard's Insane Cross-Country Comedy Road Show Update

Chris Gethard's fundraising drive to pay for a gonzo trek across the country, from New York to LA, making insane videos along the way, has been a raging success. With two weeks left to go, he's already raised over $10,000. But he's not stopping there; he's looking to raise even more money to do even crazier things on the road.

He's made the above video to make his case. His show is a strange hybrid of Jackass and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, one that uses ridiculous stunts to actually bring some positivity to people. It somehow works! Wether or not you're up for donating, look for daily [...]

You Have Four Hours to Make the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival a Much Crazier Event

Eugene Mirman has been raising funds on Kickstarter for the past month in order to make his Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, happening in Brooklyn in September, a crazier and more ambitious affair. The period for fundraising ends this afternoon, and he's currently about $1,300 short of his $18,000 goal. If he doesn't hit $18,000 by 2:06pm EST today, he gets none of the money. That would suck! So go toss him a few bucks if you want to support awesome, funny things. There are some seriously ridiculous incentives in it for you, too! Unless you don't want "a leather jacket covered in swears, culturally and racially insensitive messages [...]