Let Don Cheadle Care for Your Hangin' Brains at Sacks West

In this new Funny or Die video, Don Cheadle invites you to his Sacks West resort and spa, where they pamper the most delicate and vital part of the gentleman's anatomy. It features a true cavalcade of celebrity endorsements, including…wait, is that Haley Joel Osment? Where have you been, Haley? Getting your balls nice and pampered, I suppose. Could be worse!

Chicago and Me, the Sitcom Starring the Band Chicago

Here's the latest gem from Funny or Die's Scott Gairdner: a fake 90's sitcom called Chicago and Me that features the jazz-rock band Chicago taking care of a little boy. It combines Gairdner's known penchant for pitch-perfect recreations of 80's and 90's pop culture ephemera with an amazingly ludicrous premise. Also, it features Chicago. So yeah, it's pretty great.

Here's Billy Crystal's Funny or Die Video: When Harry Met Sally 2

A couple of nights ago on The Daily Show, Billy Crystal came on to promote not a movie, but an upcoming Funny or Die video. It was a little strange! But the video has now arrived, and it's pretty loaded up with great people. It focuses on Crystal and Helen Mirren in a sequel to When Harry Met Sally that's forced to become a vampire movie by studio exec Adam Scott. While the whole "Hollywood loves vampires!!!" thing isn't exactly a novel premise, it's a fun treatment of the idea. And it's hard to argue with the cast, which, in addition to Crystal, Mirren and Scott, includes Rob [...]

Danny Pudi, Bedroom Magician

Here's a new video from Funny or Die in which Community's Danny Pudi takes the expression "this is where the magic happens" a little too literally. Magic!

The Urkel-Filled Version of Big Momma's Like Father Like Son Makes the Original Unnecessary

Big Mommas Like Father Like Son isn't even out yet, but this remade version starring Jaleel White is so obviously better than the real thing could possibly be, they might as well not even release it.

Jason Alexander Beseeches You to Donate to the Netflix Relief Fund

Did you guys hear that Netflix raised the price for its streaming/DVD combo package by a few dollars a month? A few dollars a month! You animals! Luckily, Jason Alexander has decided to be the face for the Netflix Relief Fund, which will help upper-middle-class white people afford the entertainment they need so desperately.

Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello Reunite in the Name of Chipotle

Strangers With Candy is one of the greatest shows ever, so I am always happy to see a mini-reunion between a couple of the stars, be it on the Colbert Report or…in a Chipotle-pitching web short by Funny or Die. Apparently they are wrapping their burritos in gold foil now! So that's good to know. But in any case, yes, Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, together again. Chipotle or no Chipotle, I'll take it.

Testing the Limits of "No Homo"

Rappers have gotten into saying "no homo" to protect themselves from ever having something they said being misconstrued as insinuating that they are in any way gay. God forbid! Can you imagine, someone being gay?! But that little turn of phrase only works to a point, it turns out.

The Original Version of Black Swan, Starring Todd Barry

Everybody knows that Todd Barry's deli manager from The Wrestler was the best and most dynamic part of that film. Which is why it makes sense that Black Swan was originally conceived as a spin-off called The Deli Manager. Barry was robbed!

Andy Richter, a Topless Woman and the Ghost of Tom Carvel

Here's a nice bit of surreal lunacy from former Conan writer Guy Nicolucci: "The Ghost of Tom Carvel and a Real Topless Woman," with the Tom Carvel in question being the late founder of Carvel Ice Cream, voiced by Conan writer Brian Stack. It also guest stars an acutely uncomfortable Andy Richter.

Steve Carell Will Have the Biggest Head on Any Movie Poster, God Dammit

Did you know that stars are able to put demands about things as minor-seeming as how they appear on the poster in their contracts? And that they then have meetings with small groups of poster designers to approve the posters? No? Well as this video taken of an actual poster meeting with Steve Carell shows, it helps to do your research and read the contracts before doing any mockups.

The Auditions for Happy Endings Sure Were Awkward

Happy Endings, the new sitcom debuting on ABC next Wednesday, has a pretty fun cast. But according to this video, the auditions were a little…rough. To be fair to Casey Wilson, that is how she got on SNL. How was she to know?

Gilbert Gottfried: Perpetually Too Soon

When Aflac fired Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of it's spokesduck for making some tasteless jokes about the Japanese tsunami pretty much right after it happened on Twitter, it made one wonder if Aflac knew who they were hiring in the first place. Gottfried has never been one to wait too long after a tragedy to make jokes. As this Funny or Die video shows, he's been doing it for years, and will be doing it for years more.

Funny or Die Expands Into Books

Funny or Die just announced that it's adding a publishing arm to its operations, planning to work with authors to get their original humor writing published. Their first release will be "an e-book that will satirize the world of celebrity," written by Mike Sacks and the rest of the Pleasure Syndicate, the group of comedy writers responsible for last year's Our Bodies, Our Junk. Sounds promising! It'll be interesting to see how Funny or Die turns its stable of video writers and available celebrities into a series of comedy books.