Patton Oswalt Learns the Surprising Truth About His Online Haters

Patton Oswalt is no stranger to internet haters and harassment, and in this new video for Funny or Die he attempts to sabotage a "Patton-Hater Meetup Group" only to discover that returning the hate isn't as easy as he thought it would be.

Watch Aubrey Plaza, Keith Powell, and More Expose the Dark Truth Behind Ring Pop

Sure, those '90s Ring Pop commercials painted a fun and carefree world for kids everywhere, but what was really happening in the lives of the happy ring-sucking bands of friends in the ads? The newest Funny or Die video featuring Aubrey Plaza, Keith Powell, Seth Kirschner and more reveals the dark realities behind the Ring Pop gang, and it's as funny as it is delightfully nostalgic.

Support Funny or Die's Raise the River/Move the Ocean Campaigns

Here's a video where Robert Redford and William Ferrell go head-to-head in conflicting campaigns to raise the river and move the ocean so that Colorado gets the water it needs. The Raise the River project is a real campaign you can donate to online, while Move the Ocean — however wonderful it sounds — is not only fake but a scientific impossibility. In either case, movetheocean.org is an amazing website that even has a corner devoted to photos of surfer hunk Kelly Slater. Click through for some more videos from the campaign war.

Watch Scott Gairdner Enact Jesse Eisenberg's 'Batman vs. Superman' Audition

This isn't the first time Scott Gairdner (Conan, Funny Or Die) has posed as Jesse Eisenberg for a fake audition tape, but it's certainly the most time-appropriate, as news of Eisenberg's casting as Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman just leaked a few days ago. Hopefully the producers of the real movie see this and at least consider the laser hands idea.

Party Like It's 1986 (and You're at Home Watching TV)

Funny or Die is ringing in 2012 with a series of fake 80's TV show intros, and they are excellent. With shows like Knight Blade, Cop-Puter and Malibu Days: Nights, the series is rich in all four major 80's food groups: saxophone, synthesizer, colorful nylon jackets, and rollerblading. So get out your cocaine, start thinking of topical Ronald Reagan jokes, and tune in, boss.

Girl and Guy Code Team Up to Give You Some Badass Sleep and Water Facts

Here's a new video from Funny or Die featuring tons of people including Andrew Law, Mike Mitchell, Echo Kellum, and some kid named Justin Bieber posing as Girl/Guy Code combo show "Human Code" here to tell you all about sleep and water — two totally hip things that they could never live without.

Billy Eichner Gets New Yorkers to Scream His Favorite Celebrity Tweets

Recently Billy Eichner took to the streets to get strangers to scream some of his favorite celebrity tweets. While most of the New Yorkers didn't seem to grasp the concept of screaming, that doesn't take away from Eichner's excellent taste in celeb tweets, which includes such Twitter legends as Mariska Hargitay, Lenny Kravitz, and Patricia Heaton.

President Barack Obama Does 'Between Two Ferns' with Zach Galifianakis

Here's the newest installment of Between Two Ferns that Funny or Die released today, which features President Obama trying to plug healthcare.gov while taking in all kinds of question topics from Zach Galifianakis, from pardoning turkeys to same-sex divorce to spider bites to birth certificates to what he plans to do with the whole North Ikea situation. Obama also shares some strong opinions about Bradley Cooper and the Hangover movies.

Watch Hannibal Buress Try to Buy Al Madrigal's Joke About His Dad

Hannibal Buress, Al Madrigal, and Jeffrey Ross all performed at the first Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival in Austin last week, and Funny & Die managed to capture some pretty shady backstage dealings between the comics. But on the plus side, start practicing your best "my family is crazy" stories and you could make dozens of dollars off Hannibal.

'Twas the Night Before Drunk History, And Jim Carrey Was Santa Claus

Drunk History is back! And this time it comes with a Christmas poem in its jolly sack. Jim Carrey plays Santa Claus, with his cheeks like jelly and a bowl full of …jelly. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes also star, as Allan McLeod leads us through a holiday classic despite the fact that he "drank since 2:30 today." [Chewing noise.]

Ariel and Prince Eric Get the Sofia Coppola Treatment in Funny or Die's Fake 'Little Mermaid' Trailer

Here's a fake trailer Funny or Die made for director Sofia Coppola's upcoming live-action take on The Little Mermaid, which is not only filled with nods to Coppola's past films but is most likely a very accurate look at what the real film will be like. How could a movie with this many cool indie bands be anything short of amazing?

Scott Aukerman Hopes 'Between Two Ferns' Will Become a Presidential Campaign Trail Stop

"Other presidents had done Letterman, SNL, but this is the first sitting president to do a viral video, and people on the left and right are talking about it. Yeah, I would love it if Between Two Ferns became a stop on the campaign trail in a couple of years."

Between Two Ferns co-creator/director Scott Aukerman in an interview with Slate in the wake of President Obama's now famous guest appearance on the web series.

Dave Foley, Michaela Watkins, Martin Starr and More Read James Joyce's Dirty Love Letters

James Joyce was a dirty, dirty man, and Funny Or Die has been capitalizing off that this week in the spirit of Valentine's Day by having Dave Foley, Michaela Watkins, Paget Brewster, Natalie Morales, and Martin Starr give dramatic readings of real love letters written by Joyce. Above, Foley reads a letter that finally answers the burning question: Did Joyce prefer arses or bubbies? Click through to watch the rest of the series.

The Business, History and Philosophy of Funny or Die

Did you know that Funny or Die is worth $300 million and that Michelle Obama watched "The Landlord"? All that and more can be found in this profile of the site from conception to the present. Read or die.