Steve Coogan on Risk-Taking in Comedy

"As we all get older, self-deprecating humour tends to be the way forward really. If you can't laugh at the inevitability of mortality, then there's not a lot else you can do. I think when you're younger you're less inclined to laugh at yourself because you want people to respect you, don't you? Then when you get older, you don't really care anymore."

- Steve Coogan in a new interview with Chortle, in which he claims that modern comedy has dumbed down compared to the introspective, political, risk-taking comedy of the 1970s.

Quarter-Life Comedy: What 50 Stars Were Doing When They Were 25

Being old enough to legally drive, smoke, buy booze, and rent a car can certainly indicate adulthood, but if you're anything like me, your 25th year on this planet was/is/is totally going to be as exciting as it is terrifying. In case you're in the midst of your quarter-life crisis (or you just need some motivation to keep up with your 2013 resolutions), here's a look at what 50 various comedy stars were up to at age 25. Though it turns out they were all at different points in their careers, they share one thing in common: whether it's making a television debut, manning the door at a comedy [...]