We've Got Your Comedy-Related Halloween Costumes Right Here

Halloween is on Monday, but all the Halloween parties are this weekend. Have you chosen your costume yet? No? You need to hurry! Don't you know that if you don't have the best, most clever costume, no one will ever love or respect you? You've got a lot riding on the line here! You need something amazing to get wasted in on Saturday!

Well, we're here to help. We've gathered up a whole slew of comedy-related costume ideas for you, ranging from the ambitious and work-intensive to the insanely lazy. No matter how committed to this whole night of dress-up you are, you'll find something here your speed.

Aubrey Plaza Shares Sharon Stone's Excellent Movie Star Advice on Conan

Last night Aubrey Plaza's Conan interview offered a teeny little sneak peek into the mind of Sharon Stone, which, as you might have guessed, seems like a psychic tornado of flashbulbs, couture and tooth bleach. "She kind of called me out on my own shit, a little bit," Plaza says of walking the red carpet with Stone, before channeling the Oscar-nominee as some sort of wire-hanger-wielding succubus. "She kept kind of whispering in my ear, 'If you want to be a movie star, you better smile and be fucking sunny. Give them what they want!'" Says the Parks and Rec actress, "She told me not to chew on [...]

So You Want to Accuse Someone of Stealing Your Joke

Earlier this week, a Cleveland sketch group accused Conan O'Brien of stealing a routine of theirs for his show. Upon examination of their claims, it was pretty clear that the accusation was baseless for a number of reasons. This sure made them look bad! This sketch group I had never heard of before is now known in my mind as a group that accuses people of plagiarism in order to get attention, which is a shitty thing to be known for.

In order to prevent another unfortunate incident like this from occurring, I thought it'd be beneficial to lay out some important questions for comedians and comedy groups [...]