Learn How to Do a Perfect Johnny Carson Impersonation with Dana Carvey

SNL alum Dana Carvey was recently a guest on Tom Green Live, and he took a few minutes to walk Green through how he does his flawless Johnny Carson impersonation. Click through to watch Carvey run through some of his other best known celebrity impersonations, including Jimmy Stewart, Regis Philbin, and both of the President Bush guys.

Look, America: Fred Armisen's Obama Impersonation Might Be Too Boring

Jason Zinoman's latest comedy column takes issue with Fred Armisen's Obama impersonation, which he describes as the culmination of an SNL trend towards detailed accuracy and away from bold comic choices. As he points out, "accuracy is not insight," and with a president without any particularly weird habits, it can seem like Armisen is barely even doing an impersonation at all. Zinoman suggests studying up on Dana Carvey's George Bush, which took another dull-sounding president in "a more fanciful, provocative direction." Why not! It does looks tough to find a way to make fun of the infinitely reasonable Obama, but better to strike out on a bizarre [...]

Wyatt Cenac Has A Terrible Bill Cosby In His Back Pocket

While visiting NPR yesterday to discuss his new comedy album Comedy Person, Wyatt Cenac brushed off rumors that he was singled out as a possible SNL pick to play Barack Obama. "There was a time when they were looking," Cenac says, before revealing, "That's the thing, my Obama impression is terrible. Every impression I do is just a terrible variation on an awful Bill Cosby impression I do." For example, Cenac explains, "You're doing an Australian accent, but it's just Australian Bill Cosby. That's British Bill Cosby. That's Pirate Bill Cosby." Wyatt Cenac then does his Bill Cosby impersonation, which, yeah, sounds exactly like your Bill Cosby impersonation. [...]

The Real Snooki Meets the SNL Snooki

Apparently, SNL's Bobby Moynihan will be participating in MTV's Snooki-themed New Year's Eve show, and here's the proof: two poofs for the price of one. It's sort of terrifying! Add this one to the list of people savaged by SNL impersonators meeting their mockers.

Donald Glover Talks About His History of Pretending to be Tracy Morgan

Thursday is 30 Rock's second annual (maybe?) live show and the most talked about part is that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Chilly Gam Gam aka Dish of Gumbo is going to be playing young Tracy Jordan. In the above interview, we learn this is not a new thing. When he was writing on 30 Rock, The Donor of Gloves used to do the voice when Tracy Morgan "accidentally" missed table reads and "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" recording sessions. The question remains, however, what is young Dot Com going to be called, considering his current nickname would be completely meaningless at the time?

Gabe Liedman And Jenny Slate Do A Pretty Dead-On Fleetwood Mac

Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman's latest Bestie by Bestie contains what I consider a remarkably spot-on impression of some key Fleetwood Mac members. Stevie Nicks would be complaining about the lack of cauldron space in her daughters' condo. Lindsay Buckingham would be…stroking out while trying to fit his absurdly large penis in his mouth. It's like they just appeared in the room, only to disappear again!

Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder Meet Cute

SNL celebrity impersonations are always a gamble, seeing as how many, if not most, famous people have the ability to laugh at themselves surgically removed to keep their weight down (see also: Tom Cruise). Jason Kottke rustled up a a darling story from New York Magazine circa 1982, when Eddie Murphy's Stevie Wonder impression was primed to sway gently into the hearts of the American public. After delivering his unnervingly spot-on performance during a stand-up set, "Murphy finally sits back down at his table and is astonished when Stevie Wonder is led over to meet him. They have never met before. Murphy rises. Wonder shakes his [...]

Elect Jordan Peele's Impression of Obama in College for President

If Comedy Central's sketch show Key and Peele includes any of Jordan Peele's impressions of Obama in college or Baby Forest Whitaker, it will be a thing of beauty. "Yes we can…steal these trays from the dining hall and go sledding down the hill behind the dorms!" (That's what other people did in college, right? Ha ha ha imagine Obama sledding. Or in a snowball fight. I just want to stop everything else and build a bunch of dioramas of Barack Obama enjoying a winter wonderland.)

Andy-Mark Sam-Zucker-berg Unveils Some New Facebook Features

Andy Samberg dons the Mark Zuckerberg North Face to introduce a couple new features at the Facebook F8 conference, like the "I'm Not Really Friends With These People" grouping. It's perfect for people like your best friend from kindergarten who now organizes anti-gay marriage rallies, because you really don't want to be associated with her but you also feel bad about denying all those great times you had in K-garten writing Goosebumps tribute novels at her house even though you were secretly terrified of Goosebumps. Not that that's a real situation I'm in with my Facebook account. Boy, it's hard to be a modern person, huh? Anyway, Samberg is [...]

Fred Armisen's Larry King Interviews the Real Larry King

Last night, CNN pushed Larry King's wheelchair down a hill and towards the sunset after something around 60 years of loyal service. As a part of his sendoff, Fred Armisen, as Larry, interviewed the man himself. It's been a big week for SNL impersonators confronting their subjects!