Yes, Dear < Taxi: What Older Shows Would You Like to See on TV Again?

Erik Adams wrote an interesting article for the A.V. Club yesterday, called, “Is television a medium without a past?” It’s about how while the film and music industries keep looking to the past for inspiration, to the point where original ideas feel shocking, TV doesn’t work the same way. He writes, “The most visible outlets for second-run TV programming are no longer interested in series that premièred before Seinfeld.” TBS, TNT, TV Land, Nick at Nite – their afternoon and primetime schedules are packed with episodes of Home Improvement, The King of Queens, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Guy, Boy Meets World, Yes, Dear, etc. (It [...]

Are Men Funny?

The question "are women funny?" is about as tired and useless as can be at this point, so it's about time someone started asking the real question: are men funny? Luckily, VH1's The Fab Life was around to ask some folks on the red carpet for The Comedy Awards that very question, including Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kristen Schall, Louis CK, and Rob Corddry.