Track the Average 'SNL' Cast Age with This Handy Graphic

Did you know that the post-Seth Meyers SNL cast is the first to all be born after the show's premiere in 1975? Did you also know that the current cast has the youngest average age since 1986? Or that the oldest cast ever was just five years ago in 2009? You can learn these things and more thanks to a new infographic made by writer/comedian and Splitsider contributor Ramsey Ess, which will come in handy during all your age-related SNL debates this fall.

Click through for the full infographic:

Ratings vs. Reviews: Where Do Today's Comedies Stack Up?

While it's true that Nielsen ratings are an inaccurate and outdated measure of today's television audiences, they still serve as a show's ultimate ticket to survival when — as we saw in the recent sitcom cancellation bloodbath – network brass decide which programs to axe off their lineup. Some of comedy's biggest fan favorites weren't exactly ratings blockbusters while on the air — see Arrested Development, Happy Endings, and Community – but went on to carve out niche audiences, and as television moves more and more into the internet age, online reviews, Twitter, and fan feedback can gauge a show's watchability faster than asking "Sure, but does it average a steady 5.0 season average Nielsen rating?"

With that in mind, we thought it'd [...]

Comedy Gets Visually Mapped Out, Gives Me a Headache

The comedy world is an incestuous place, with many of the same people working together over and over again on different projects. It often seems like it's a huge Venn diagram of difference scenes, all overlapping each other slightly. If you'd like visual proof of that in a way that's a bit overwhelming and hard to read, Vulture's meticulous Comedy Zeitgeist Map should fit the bill. It's also an example of how hard it is to cram extremely complicated connections into a single image; I'm pretty sure Adam Sandler, one of the most successful comedic filmmakers of the past 30 years, should have more than four connections and not [...]