The Final 8 Episodes of 'Don't Trust the B' Will Debut Online Next Month

ABC canceled its critically-acclaimed comedy Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 in January with eight new episodes left unaired, and now, it looks like you'll finally be able to see those episodes. Star Krysten Ritter revealed yesterday the the final eight episodes are set to debut on Hulu, iTunes, and ABC.com on May 17th. As you may recall, the series was canceled earlier this year after its ratings dropped following ABC moving it to a highly-competitive Tuesday night timeslot and premiering the season in late October for some reason. One thing ABC is doing right, however, is releasing the unseen episodes online next month. If [...]

'Best Friends Forever' to Return to Television…For a Night…At Least(?)

What are you doing on June 1st? (No, June Fools' Day isn't a thing.) Let's have a party to celebrate the airing of the fifth and sixth episodes of Best Friends Forever. I'm not saying final two episodes of Best Friends Forever because I'm holding out hope. We have four weeks to find our respective nearby Nielsen household, befriend its residents, and convince them to watch NBC from 8-9pm on that Friday. Since the show was taken off the air last week, a groundswell swelled, a petition started accumulating signatures, and people started signing up for iTunes season passes in significant numbers. It's not in a [...]