Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Humiliate a Reporter on Live TV

Local Denver news reporter Chris Parente is probably used to pretending he's seen certain movies for his job, and at the top of his recent interview with The Skeleton Twins stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader he seems more than confident that his complete lack of knowledge about their new movie will have no bearing on the segment to come. After Parente blows his cover by asking Wiig if she has "advice for going nude," the SNL alums descend on him without mercy, and the result is both cringeworthy and entertaining. (via Death and Taxes)

Director Beth McCarthy-Miller on Filming the 30 Rock Live Episodes

According to director Beth McCarthy-Miller, the most impressive thing about the 30 Rock live episodes was not Jon Hamm, but rather that no one managed blow the whole thing. As McCarthy-Miller tells The Hollywood Reporter, "During the show, I was in the booth calling it live, and I think two people missed a line. Not one camera shot was missed. I mean, it was so lucky. All the special effects happened on time; all the cues happened on time. It was crazy how perfectly it all came together." Having directed on SNL for 11 seasons, getting the go-ahead from Lorne to shoot the eps at the SNL [...]

Cheyenne Jackson Is Returning for the New Live 30 Rock

Cheyenne Jackson will be back on 30 Rock as Danny for the show's second live episode this April 26. That's exactly one month from today, if you're planning some kind of Lent-esque fast to cleanse yourself of your sins before the holiness of all live episodes. Or whatever. Me? No, I'm not doing that. What?

TNT Lets Tracy Morgan On Live TV, He Says Something Very Tracy-Morgan-Like About Sarah Palin

Well, TNT's Inside the NBA, what did you expect when you put Tracy Morgan and Charles Barkley together on live TV and asked about Sarah Palin? I mean, come on. Unsurprisingly, TNT issued an apology for Tracy's "lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments."

Alec Baldwin Promises a Live 30 Rock This April

Alec Baldwin's been running his mouth again. But who can be mad at him when he's promising a 30 Rock live episode on April 26? Nobody can, barring some kind of amazing grudge-holding supervillain. And they'd probably still be mad at him about the Words With Friends thing, so whatever.