New Lonely Island Video: "We're Back"

Here's the newest Lonely Island video, for Turtleneck & Chain's third single "We're Back." It's also the first video of theirs to not debut on SNL, instead airing for the first time on Fallon on Friday night. It's got all the Lonely Island hallmarks you've come to expect: rapping about sexual dysfunction, getting a horse blood transfusion, and CGI Garfield sex fantasies.

The Lonely Island Host MTV's Spring Break 1988

Here's a gem from the Lonely Island "vaults," in which our heroes host MTV's Spring Break broadcast from Daytona beach in 1988. Sure, Andy Samberg was 10 in 1988, but I'm going to go ahead and believe that this is a found VHS that someone taped off the air 23 years ago. Those guys aged well!

Lonely Island's New Video/Single: "I Just Had Sex"

On this week's SNL, the Digital Short was also the video premiere of "I Just Had Sex," the first single off Lonely Island's upcoming album. You know what you're getting with these guys, but that's really not a bad thing: guest musician singing the hook (in this case, Akon), a silly premise played perfectly, celeb cameos (Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and John McEnroe) and those ludicrous touches that catch you off guard (fireworks crotches). It's definitely up there with their best songs, and it'll be fun to see what else they've got up their sleeve from this new record.