Jordan Klepper Warns American Magicians to Step Up Their Game

During last night's Daily Show, Jordan Klepper decided to take a closer look at the state of magic in America today, where our magicians are slowly losing out to competition from China. But after meeting with the president of the Society of American Magicians, some young illusionists-in-training, and David Copperfield, Klepper discovers that there might still be hope for America after all.

There's Officially Nothing Rob Riggle Can't Do

Come ON, Rob Riggle. So you're a Marine and a former SNL cast member and Daily Show correspondent, and you also can just bend metal at will like you're Magneto or something? That's the story? Pffff. Whatever, Riggle. We've seen this all before. Let me guess, you're also a classically-trained chef? You've competed in the US Open in Men's Singles tennis? You speak fluent Japanese? You go to dinner with Madonna? You got a 2400 on your SATs? You designed a line of combat fatigues that Anna Wintour loved? You were Google's first outside investor? You never sunburn? Stop bragging, Riggle. We don't care.