Why the Hell Is Julia Louis-Dreyfus Having Sex with a Clown in This 'GQ' Shoot?

Earlier this month, Veep superstar Julia Louis-Dreyfus posed naked on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing nothing but a flubbed Constitution tattoo on her back. But it seems that she's one-upped herself with her newest feature in GQ's comedy issue, which sent her to a nightmarish hellscape for anyone who hates clowns and the unnecessary objectification of funny women, reducing a funny and hugely popular comedic actress to a sexy body in love with Ronald McDonald's creepy cousin — a treatment male comedians never get unless it's done through an ironic gender-bender lens or Kanye West music video parody. The Rolling Stone cover at least [...]

Alison Brie Slaps on Her Gay Goggles and Talks About Being Naked Again

Alison Brie is charming and funny and such but she tends to talk about only two things when she goes on talks shows: going to art school and times when she was naked. Last night on Conan, she did both in one story. Apparently, when she was in college, everyone thought it was hilarious when she would jaunt around campus with no clothes on. Sure Alison, they all liked seeing you naked because it was funny, not because you are a super attractive person. I bet there were plenty of conversations like:

 "Who is that super attractive female sitting naked in that tree?"

"Oh, that is future television star [...]