New Girl’s Jake Johnson and/or Steve Carell to Star as a Mobster Playing Against Type

It was announced Friday night that Johnson with director Max Winkler sold a mob comedy (mobedy) pitch to Warner Bros. Carell is onboard to star, produce, and write the film with Rodney Rothman, who wrote the recently announced Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart buddy cop film. Details about the story haven’t been revealed but one would guess that Carell is either going to play a daft yet powerful mob boss or a powerful yet daft police commissioner and Johnson a gruff yet sensitive detective or a sensitive yet gruff mob enforcer – the combinations are endless! (Well, that’s not true, that presents four combinations but I wanted [...]

Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart Are Your New Favorite Buddy Cop Pair

Seth Rogen, meet your new partner Kevin Hart. You two have drastically different ideas about police work (likely) and pretty unorthodox methods (probably), but through a series of comic misadventures (almost definitely), you'll learn to work as a team and save the city (100% happening). Who needs a plot summary? I just gave you everything you need to know to enjoy the upcoming police comedy with Rogen and Hart. Now you can spend that saved energy on designing a police uniform-inspired outfit to wear to the theater.

Will Ferrell's Spanish-Language Film Will Have Its Estreno Next March

Will Ferrell's new Spanish-language comedy has been given a March 16 release date. Casa de mi Padre/House of My Father stars Ferrell as Armando Alvarez, a Mexican rancher(o) who has to deal with drug lords and romance and guns and Western film tropes. Esta pelicula va a ser loco! I have no idea if that's right. I took French in school. Ce film va etre fou! Okay, I don't really know French either.