Young People Still Like Their News Funny

Last week, among young viewers, the Comedy Central "news" programs' coverage of the Republican National Convention beat that of the legitimate news channels. From 11:00pm – midnight, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report got better ratings than Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN among adults 18-34. Comedy Central averaged about 450,000 viewers compared to Fox's 329,000, MSNBC's 158,000, and CNN's 146,000. They also beat CNN and MSNBC in adults 18-49, but lost out to Fox News and their legions of 35-49 year-old viewers. The only concern here is that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were mostly covering the news from the previous night. As a result, all these [...]

When Comedy Happens in the Real World

Annoying, water-cooler-dwelling office drones who comment on the unexpectedness of everyday life’s ironies and oddities are justified in their amazement at reality. “You can’t write this stuff!” one always says. “Life imitating art.” another inevitably adds, and etc.

But it’s true. They’re right! Every day, all around us, there’s a ton of insane, unbelievable, real material, the stuff of which Hollywood hilarity is made. Don’t believe me? Just have a damn look!

Betty White to Saucily Flirt with James Lipton, Joel McHale

Betty White has been everywhere in the past year, from SNL to her show Hot in Cleavland to the stage at the Emmys. Is a Betty White backlash coming? Is a backlash even possible for an adorable and funny little old lady? I guess we'll find out, as Betty White mania is continuing this fall: she's doing Inside the Actors Studio and is guest starring on the season premiere of Community on September 23rd. Details are scant on both, but click through for a gallery of her on Community.

Tracy Morgan Was Hospitalized at Sundance

Tracy Morgan collapsed last night "from a combination of exhaustion and altitude” after accepting an award at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards at Sundance. (He also "appeared intoxicated" during his acceptance speech, which might have something to do with it.) Sounds like he'll be okay, but be careful out there, other live-wire sitcom star comedians in Utah! Stay hydrated!

Victoria Jackson's Trainwreck Gets In a Trainwreck

Comedians often play along the fine line between truth and hyperbole, eviscerating cliches and propagating bigotry. SNL alum Victoria Jackson careened over that line years ago, piloting a rocket-powered hovercraft controlled by the shifting weight and orientation of her gigantic hair bow. In an interview with CNN about Glee's gay kiss, Jackson, or "Lady Gallagher" as I like to call her, seems completely unwilling, almost unable, to focus on the anchor and the questions at hand. "Secular humanism rules the airwaves," Jackson explains when asked about teen boys smooching, later explaining "I've noticed that the liberal agenda is anti-Christ…I mean, anti-Jesus." It takes a lot of mental dexterity [...]

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper to Star in Buddy Cop Comedy about Unusually Hunky Cops

Dudes with very meticulous skin care regimens Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper just signed up for an untitled action-comedy written by Sheldon Turner, who penned the hilarious "Up In the Air."

This Week in Unintentional Comedy in the News

Runaway brides. Breast-milk-assaults. Tom Cruise’s snore room.

This week, we’ve got it all!

Monaco’s Prince Albert Forces Runaway Bride to Marry Him

When my past girlfriends wanted to leave, they just told me I was “great and sweet” and promptly unfriended me on Facebook. I always let them go without a fight. Clearly I’m no Prince Albert. The Telegraph reports that the Monacan aristocrat has had some trouble tying the knot with his new wife, Olympic swimmer and South African native Charlene Wittstock, 33. Just last week, senior Palace officials foiled her attempt to board a flight back home from France. Before that, Wittstock tried avoided the alter by [...]

Old Jews Telling Jokes Getting a Spinoff Sitcom Web Series

The Old Jews Telling Jokes series has been a great success, with over 200 episodes and a book under their belt. The next step? I can exclusively report that they'll be producing a new web series, a "one-act sitcom" written by and starring some of the Old Jews that have Told Jokes for them already.