Louis C.K.'s Talks New York, Fame, and Success with 'The Hollywood Reporter'

Just in time for the season 5 premiere of Louie tomorrow night, The Hollywood Reporter has a lengthy piece out today in which C.K. reflects on struggling as a young unknown standup, the "crushing loneliness" of living in New York City, getting passed over by SNL, his hopes to make a movie next year, and tons more. Here's an excerpt:

There's an easy thing of saying, "Yeah, it's all bullshit out there [in Hollywood]," but if you can't smell the bullshit here in New York, you must have your nose packed with it. Hollywood is full of opportunity, and I've gotten shot after shot after shot out [...]

A Peek Inside the PIT's SNL Fantasy Camp

The Village Voice today has a behind-the-scenes look at the People's Improv Theater writing class "Writing for SNL Fantasy Camp." The week-long class is run by PIT founder Ali Farahnakian who wrote for SNL in its 1999-2000 season, and is described here as "a soothing, persuasive authority, an energy drawn from the cold fusion when Zen calm meets improv training meets self-help uplift meets entrepreneurial mojo." (?) Anyway, the week-long class is structured like an average week at SNL, with everything from table reads and dress rehearsals to a guest host and musical guest. The week ends with a mock-SNL, complete with the opening: "Live from the PIT, it's Saturday night!" If it sounds like [...]

Plan Your 'Broad City' NYC Tour with This Handy Map

If you're sad that Broad City's second season is already over on Comedy Central, Thrillest has made it extremely easy for you to relive it all thanks to their handy interactive Broad City map. The map includes all the locations featured during season 2 — everything from Abbi's workplace Soulstice (Chalk Gyms in Williamsburg) to the manhole Ilana and her mom traveled to for top-notch counterfeit handbags. Check out the map below, then head over to Thrillest for a complete breakdown of all the hot spots.

The 'Louie' Map of New York

As a New Yorker, a fun part of watching New York-based shows such as Seinfeld and Friends is to see shots of the actual city in between scenes shot on an L.A. soundstage. With Louie, whose third season debuts on June 28th on FX, being almost entirely shot in New York, we get that experience in almost every scene. Below are some locations around the city that were used in the show’s first two seasons.

The Premiere Before the World Premiere: Red Hot Video Fun Time

In a small Mexican restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Drew Luster waits on his tacos. Things have settled at the Bat Haus, a small event space two doors over, and Luster takes advantage of the calm to grab dinner. In a half hour, his sketch team, the Otter Boys, will kick off Red Hot Video Fun Time, a quasi-bimonthly video showcase featuring never-before-seen sketches by members of New York’s comedy community.

“If I’m here, we’re good to go,” Luster says. There are some minor complications. Two sketch groups drop out of the showcase, forcing a rearrangement the night’s lineup. Their beer sponsor also withdraws at the last moment, but the team [...]