Read Woody Allen's Funny Resume from 1965

Kliph Nesteroff of Classic Showbiz dug up Woody Allen's old resume circa 1965 a while back, and folks online have been passing it around this week. At the time, Allen was a budding standup and screenwriter who was just about to start directing movies. At two pages, it's more autobiography than resume, but it's jam-packed with jokes ("My hobbies are not drinking and avoiding sex") and well-worth the read for fans of comedy or history or whatever. (via The Comic's Comic)

Check out the resume below:

Sleepy Teen Jason Bateman Warns You About Noise Pollution

It's itty bitty Jason Bateman! And his hair! Just think, he was 18 when this PSA was made, but he was already fighting for the curmudgeonly cause against those gosh-darned kids with their new-fangled jim-jam noise they call rock music. Also, he looks and sounds like he is 30-40% asleep, which I guess was all the rage for teen heartthrobs in '87.

Dan Harmon's Original Dungeons & Dragons Sketch

One of this season's standout episodes of Community was "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," in which the study group comes together to play the classically nerdy fantasy role playing game. But that was not Dan Harmon's first foray into D&D humor! No, sir. Back in 2000, he was hired to make a short video to promote the game Summoner. Kind of a weird thing, seeing as that this was well before the YouTube era of online video.

In any case, he wrote it and also did one of the voices in this short made using game characters. I don't remember Summoner at all, but I assume this video helped it [...]