Saying Goodbye to Tom Davis and Letting Go of 'SNL'

Studio 8H is a time warp.

I hadn't been there in 16 years, when I interviewed Lorne Michaels for Mr. Mike. Before that, I'd been in 8H many times, starting in 1983. It's the most famous studio on American TV, the recurring cast member of SNL.

When I first walked through those narrow hallways, the original shows came alive in me. I recognized the main doors, dressing rooms, and photo-lined walls. I stood where the first cast performed their backstage bits.

I strolled the studio as sets were built, lighting adjusted, sketches camera blocked. Once I went up on home base, took in the view, then got on all [...]

The King of 'The King of Comedy'

It is the year 2000. I have moved into my grandparents’ basement in Roswell, New Mexico, and am pecking out a skin-peelingly bad novel. I am 23 years old and I am lonely. I work nights down at the local Blockbuster Video, which enables me to catch up on a lot of movies I have yet to see. One afternoon, I watch the 1983 Martin Scorsese film The King of Comedy, starring Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis. My immediate reaction: “I have never related more to a film’s protagonist.”

It is the year 2010. I have moved into my mother’s guest room in San Diego, California, and [...]