Jon Stewart Loves Trey Parker and Matt Stone Like a Little Girl Loves Ponies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are today's GQ Men of the Year, and here's how Jon Stewart describes their Broadway debut The Book of Mormon in his piece about the pair:

A doctoral dissertation in funny-as-shit satire. A hysterical, full-throated defense of faith that somehow also manages to make perfect sense of a lyric involving eye-fucking God. When you witness a work of such quality—and this is coming from someone who traffics in their field—there is only one thing to say, and I cannot say it emphatically enough: Fuck those guys.

Yeah, fuck them! I like this way of complimenting people. Fuck you! All of you! You're great! [...]

Alan Sepinwall Gets On Board the "Louie Is the Best Show on TV" Train

Alan Sepinwall joins Chuck Klosterman at the Church of Louie today, penning a column about how the second season of the show is "seriously brilliant." To wit: "The show has evolved from a comedy with surprisingly profound moments into a half-hour drama that sometimes pauses to make you double over with laughter. And I'm entirely on board with that. Because however you want to categorize it, Louie is now one of the best shows on television — quite possibly the best, period. Whatever C.K. wants to do, he does, and does it brilliantly."

Chuck Klosterman Sort Of Likes Louie

Today on Grantland, Chuck Klosterman gives a big, sloppy kiss to the new season of Louie: "This fall marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, so lots of folks are talking and writing about how life-changing the release of that record was. But in 1991, Nevermind was not unilaterally appreciated — people argued about its merits constantly, and a lot of people hated it. We generally agree it’s awesome now, but that agreement is retrospective. Louie is not like that. Right now, Louie is like the Beatles in ’66, or maybe Joe DiMaggio in ’41." Do you think he likes it? I tend to agree with him, but also, [...]