Scott Aukerman Is the Best Person to Hang Out with At Comic Con

The panel went well, he reports: “The audience questions ranged from super-nerdy to one woman who didn’t appear to know what comedy was. She asked, ‘How do you start a comedy project?’” Aukerman and his panelists told her that “most projects start out as neutral, and by the end, you know whether it’s a comedy project or a drama project.” - NY Magazine hung out with Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman at the recent New York Comic Con, where he confessed his comic book indulgence and made fun of break dancers. It's worth reading to find out how he's like both Italian Renaissance sculptor Donatello and Mister Rogers.

Master of Ceremonies: Ardie Fuqua's Rough Road Through Comedy

Ardie Fuqua is worried that he's been too funny. “I didn’t get too many laughs, did I?” he asks, sliding into a seat next to me in the back row.

He has just finished a 25-minute set at Caroline’s on Broadway, the argyle-patterned comedy club steps from Times Square, where he is opening Tracy Morgan’s lineup of Thanksgiving Weekend shows. The sound of applause is still ringing throughout the 300-seat club, and Ardie is visibly out of breath, his forehead drenched in sweat from the heat of the spotlights.

It’s easy to understand why overshadowing Tracy would not be on Ardie’s to do list. This is one of their [...]

To Profile Charlie Sheen, 'Newsweek' Sent in a War Correspondent

Newsweek knew that they needed someone pretty tough to go profile Charlie Sheen, so they skipped the standard roster of entertainment reporters and went with someone who they knew could handle a disaster: Australian war reporter Michael Ware. And it sounds like he was the right man for the job: We break away and scamper up the carpeted steps, ostensibly to grab a suitably warm addition for my ill-prepared outfit, the same as I wore the day before and have evidently slept in. The movie star scoops up my jacket without breaking stride, and we slam to a halt in one of the domain’s smaller en suites. We [...]

Comedian Romany Malco is Better at Internetting than You

"While most actors dip into Web comedy to promote a film project or to fool around with half-formed ideas, Mr. Malco’s online presence is savvily planned, maintained daily and constantly tailored to his audience’s appetite. His skill with the medium is attracting attention: Last month the White House even asked him to be part of an advisory panel on social media outreach." — From the very interesting NY Times profile of The 40-Year-Old Virgin/Weeds star Romany Malco’s use of the Internet to get closer to his fans. It’s a great read, even if it fails to mention the insane fact that Malco wrote MC Skat Kat’s parts in Paula [...]

Ed Helms on the Little Bunny and the Dog Track of Life

“That’s the little bunny that keeps you running around the dog track, and it actually is an illusion. You always think that next horizon is where you’ll be comfortable and where everything will be set. It just never really is.” – That's Ed Helms, who's recently taken on roles in The Lorax and Jeff, Who Lives at Home, in this profile. His wisdom knows no bounds.

Aziz Ansari Has His Sights Set On Broadway

This week's New York Magazine profiles Aziz Ansari on a recent visit to New York, and drops a few hints about Ansari's plans for the future:

In addition to his new material, which he hopes to eventually perform on Broadway, Ansari is planning to write a book about modern dating, working with academics to answer some of his questions with actual numbers.

Much of Ansari's current standup, including the material on his upcoming Netflix special Buried Alive,  focuses on dating in the digital age and the feasibility of life-long relationships, often drawing on the experiences of audience members. And his process is as meticulous as ever:

Ansari records all of his [...]

Seinfeld: "This 'new hour' nonsense – I can't do it."

You're gonna wanna read the New York Times Magazine's new profile on Jerry Seinfeld and why he keeps doing standup all the time despite being worth as much as a Saudi royal. Above, a pretty amazing look at his writing process, which is all done by hand on legal pads.

If you need further convincing, here's a pretty facinating bit on why Seinfeld will never pull a Louis and create a new hour of material every year, tossing his old material in the trash:

Aubrey Plaza Gets a Promotion

There’s a reason Aubrey Plaza keeps getting cast as interns — as eyerolling Pawnee Parks Department lackey April Ludgate on NBC’s Parks and Recreation and as the defeatist, toilet-scrubbing Seattle Magazine intern in the upcoming Safety Not Guaranteed, and in real life as well, in NBC’s famed page program. According to Safety director Colin Trevorrow, the 27-year-old actress is an everygirl, a face for the masses of underpaid, overeducated young workers of the world.

“Aubrey represents a whole generation of young women who are very disaffected,” Trevorrow said. “Not just women, a whole generation. And disaffected for a reason. They don’t see anything out there for them, and [...]

Everything You Are Feeling About Girls

Phew. If you're going to read one review of HBO's Girls, make it this one. It admits to the "unstable blend of worship, envy, and disdain" that we all feel towards wunderkind Lena Dunham, analyzes how the timing of the April 15 premiere freed the series from the girly pack of New Girl and 2 Broke Girls, and doesn't shy away from discussing the entitlement of the characters – the "rarefied white hipster thing," as Dunham calls it. If Louis C.K. were a 25-year-old girl, would you want to be him? Probably, but even if you wouldn't, you'd definitely want to watch his TV show.

Will Ferrell Is Disgustingly Well-Adjusted

The darkest things about Will Ferrell in this profile are that Joan Rivers accused him of being rude once and that he doesn't love Chihuahuas. Also that sometimes his pants and shoes don't match. Honestly, it is shocking that any human being could be this untroubled, let alone one in comedy. "I just make a decision and go and feel good about it," he says of his choice to star in Casa de Mi Padre. Right! Of course! That's what we all do! Who said anything about agonizing for days over the smallest decisions, going back and forth a thousand times and then obsessing for months afterward, plagued [...]

Coming Up Fast with the Lucas Bros

Kenny and Keith Lucas are close to making it. After the twin brothers performed a set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last April, they inked a deal with Fox as co-creators, executive producers, writers and stars of the animated series Lucas Bros Moving Co., based on their lives in Greenpoint. They also recently hosted the web series The Super Late Morning Show for Comedy Central's CC Studios. Then there's the pilot for a sketch show they are producing for Comedy Central titled Legion of Goons that they recently finished shooting, and the cameo on the last episode of the new season of Arrested Development that they made. Maybe [...]

That's a Thing: How Eugene Mirman Cut His Own Path in Comedy

Eugene Mirman's first hour-long Comedy Central special, Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy In a Fake Underground Laboratory, will be arriving on your television sets this Friday at midnight. Who is Eugene Mirman and what does it take to put together an hour of broadcast-worthy standup? Earlier this year I decided to find out. So for a few months, beginning in March, I followed Mirman as he prepared for his special in venues around Brooklyn. I tracked down his life story as well, to get a picture of a comedian's career in progress. I started at Pretty Good Friends, Mirman's weekly show:

Fred Savage, Comedy Director

Fred Savage made the transformation from child star to go-to director of kick-ass TV comedies, including Modern FamilyHappy EndingsParty Down, BFFs and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with him for a profile of his career. He seems like a nice guy, which will make it tougher for you to dislike him for being more successful than you from age 13 on.

Will Ferrell Can't Help Being This Healthy

I know you're exhausted by all this news about how fun and well-adjusted Will Ferrell is and how none of us will ever measure up to his stratospheric levels of humor and/or mental health. But here is more of it anyway! Now including Ferrell's positive body image message and his feelings on bombing at SNL:

“If something wasn’t working, the tendency would be to speed up and get through it,” he says. “But I would slow way down, and I would have this thing—I don’t know why, I love the audience, I want them to laugh, and yet something would kick in like, ‘Okay, you don’t [...]