Public Access Producer Smith Took Over 'The Chris Gethard Show' This Week

Last month, an incident occurred on The Chris Gethard Show with a public access producer known only as Smith (played by comedian Brett Davis) who interrupted the show with complaints about TCGS and some personal digs at Gethard. For this week's show, Gethard's time slot on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network was overtaken by Smith for the debut episode of his own stuffy conspiracy show Truth or Myth with Smith, and the result is a hilarious hourlong look into Smith's twisted mind. I'm not sure which part is my favorite — the intense panel debate about 9/11, an overabundance of references to zinc, Smith singing "Brown Eyed Girl" with [...]

Chris Gethard: "This Show Has to Grow Or It Has to Go"

Back in May, Comedy Central passed on Chris Gethard's pilot for a cable version of his public access show The Chris Gethard Show, and now that it looks like TCGS landing on another network is unlikely, Gethard wrote a passionate manifesto on his blog today called "EVOLVE OR DIE: This Summer We Burn Down The Chris Gethard Show." Here's a bit of it:

It is time for us to burn [The Chris Gethard Show] down. It’s time for us to set a forest fire to this show, that might be the end of it but might just be the thing that allows new growth to happen. In short, the motto for the rest [...]

You Don't Wanna Miss These Descriptions of The Chris Gethard Show

Here are a few ways The Chris Gethard Show is described in this great love letter: "an anime nightmare," "a shambolically ambitious, oddly uplifting TV party," "a sort of free-form bullshit session" and "The Last Supper as painted by Sid and Marty Krofft." If you're still unconvinced by the show's magic, get ready to change your mind.

'The Chris Gethard Show' Returned to Public Access Last Night

A little over a month ago, Chris Gethard took a break from hosting his weekly public access show The Chris Gethard Show and announced that its fate would be decided on September 24th. Thankfully for TCGS fans, the show returned to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network last night, and Gethard wrote an update on his blog explaining why he decided to continue with it and what his plans are going forward:

The show is going to be different. It’s going to be rocky. We’re going to rebuild it from this perspective – when we started at UCB, I was a twenty-nine year old kid who slept in a human [...]

Hannibal Buress Has Phone Sex with a British Lady on 'Chris Gethard Show's Phone Sex Episode

Comedian Chris Gethard's self-titled public access/web show The Chris Gethard Show had an all-phone sex episode this week, with viewers calling in to have phone sex with Gethard and his panel in a violation of the show's public access station MNN's rules. Jump to the 32-minute mark to see guest Hannibal Buress have some unsatisfying phone sex with a weird British lady.

Revisiting the SQUiRT TV Epilogue, Ten Years Later

Jake Fogelnest just posted to a his Tumblr a documentary he made for MTV back in 2005 about restarting SQUiRT TV, the public-access-turned-MTV show he hosted from his bedroom at 14. It features a whole bunch of funny people disappointing Jake, including Jimmy Fallon, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Richter, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, and Sarah Silverman, and one person spraying him with Mace. And Friendster! Because it was 2005.

The Fate of 'The Chris Gethard Show' Will Be Revealed on September 24th

Last month, Chris Gethard wrote a manifesto on The Chris Gethard Show Tumblr page called "EVOLVE OR DIE: This Summer We Burn Down The Chris Gethard Show," and today he's written a followup post that assigns a specific date to the fate of his public access show. In the post, Gethard announced that the call in topic for this Wednesday's show is "Should we keep doing this show?" Gethard will tally up callers' responses then ultimately decide whether to cancel or continue the show when he returns for the next TCGS episode on September 24th:

I'm going to take all these thoughts and opinions and my feelings [...]

'The Chris Gethard Show' Is Offering Live Election Coverage

There's now hope for folks who are worried Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's election coverage will be too serious. Comedian Chris Gethard will be hosting a live election special on his silly New York public access program The Chris Gethard Show, beginning at noon EST on November 6th. The special will be streamed online, in addition to airing on public access station MNN4. If the Gethard Show election coverage is a big hit, maybe CNN will bring in a Human Fish to analyze Electoral College maps in 2016.

Chris Gethard on The Chris Gethard Show: "a community center for this fucked up community of nerds"

Over at Mediaite, Jon Bershad has a lovely, exhaustive interview with Chris Gethard about The Chris Gethard Show, currently airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. It will make you excited to get your own public access show, then spell out why only a few people (Gethard) are really cut out for it. "I guess I grew up listening to a lot of punk rock music and really having that sort of Do-It-Yourself thing ingrained in me," Gethard says. "Ever since I’ve been doing comedy, I’ve felt like the things that I respect the most are clearly the things where people are sort of boxing out their own corner of [...]