America Continues to Love 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Two and a Half Men' More than You Do

Last night's Nielsen ratings are in, everyone! As per usual, CBS's twin tri-camera titans The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men bested the rest of everything on television when it comes to those silly, inaccurate, outmoded Nielsen numbers. In the 8pm slot, Big Bang scored a 4.2 rating and 13.8 million viewers overall, running laps around 30 Rock, which got a 1.4 and 3.8 million. At 8:30, Two and a Half Men got a 3.4 rating and 11.2 million viewers, leaving Up All Night in the dust with a 1.2 and 3.5 mil. The Office and Parks and Rec, along with all of the Big Four networks' shows [...]

NBC’s Attempt to Steal YouTube’s Audience by Adding Cute Animals and Babies Is Off to a Slow Start

Videos of cute animals and babies always score a ton of hits on the Internet, and this season, NBC execs introduced a new strategy to try to poach YouTube’s much, much larger audience by adding more adorable furry creatures and infants to its primetime lineup. The cornerstone of NBC’s experimental new “people think babies and animals are cute” model is its Wednesday night sitcom block of Animal Practice and Guys with Kids, which premiered last night to lower-than-expected, Vimeo-sized ratings, a far cry from the YouTube-level Nielsens NBC executives had expected. Animal Practice earned a paltry 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demo, down considerably from the 4.1 the [...]

'30 Rock' and NBC's Other Acclaimed Comedies Still Unpopular with Nielsen Families

Ratings are in for 30 Rock's season premiere last night and the rest of NBC's lineup of critically-acclaimed, under-watched comedies, and they're still low as ever. 30 Rock scored a 1.3 in the elusive 18-49 demo, down a tenth of a point from its premiere and finale last season and down 23% from Community's premiere last year in the same timeslot but right on par with Community's finale. The rest of the Peacock Network's comedy block, Up All Night, The Office, and Parks and Rec, scored low too (1.4, 2.1, and 1.9, respectively) with only Parks posting an increase from last week (20%) while the others stayed consistent. As [...]

So, How Did NBC's Finales Do in the Ratings Last Night?

Poorly! 30 Rock and all of the Communitys brought in a 1.3 18-49 rating (at least they're consistent?). In comparison, last week The Office did a 2.3 and Parks & Recreation a 1.7. This matched a series low for the Greendale 7. In real numbers, less than 3 million people watched all of it. Just a reminder of how many people can watch a TV program, American Idol topped off at almost 16 million last night. However, now that both shows have been renewed, this news is less depressing and more something that should brushed off one's shoulders. Brush away everybody, we're almost at our goal of #twelveseasonsandathemepark.

NBC’s Ratings Are Up, Other Networks Down in Bizarro Premiere Week

In an interesting twist of fate for the broadcast networks this past week, NBC finished in first place in the 18-49 demo for “Premiere Week” for the first time since 2003 (back when Friends, Will & Grace, and ER were still things and people cared about The Apprentice). NBC’s ratings rose 12 percent compared to last year’s Premiere Week, whereas the other three big networks (ABC, CBS, Fox) all suffered sharp plunges of at least 20 percent. NBC’s surprising victory is mainly thanks to singing competition The Voice, which is a smash hit on both Mondays and Tuesday nights, and not thanks to the network’s comedies, which [...]