Richard Linklater Is Remaking 'The Incredible Mr. Limpet'

Back in 2011, The LA Times reported that filmmaker Richard Linklater (Before Midnight, Dazed and Confused) was the top choice to direct a big budget remake of the 1964 family comedy The Incredible Mr. Limpet, which starred Don Knotts as a guy who turned into a fish. Now, nearly three years later, Linklater has officially signed on to direct the movie, Screen Daily reports. Zach Galifianakis was in talks to star in the movie back in 2010, but it's not known whether he's still attached to the project.

Linklater is teaming up with Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta, who will be working on design and animation for [...]

NBC Adapting British Comedy '30 and Counting'

NBC has bought a pilot for a remake of British single camera sitcom 30 And Counting, Deadline reports. The pilot will be written by Better Off Ted writer Justin Adler and directed by Meet The Parents director John Hamburg. The original show, written by Chris Little and Tom Vinnicombe, was part of a series of romantic comedy specials on Sky Living the UK. 30 and Counting focused on three men seeking partners online who are convinced that "their 30s is the decade that will define them. That leaves them 3,652 days to set the course for the rest of their lives."

'The Inbetweeners Movie' Is Being Remade for the US as 'Virgins America'

There's going to be a US remake of The Inbetweeners Movie, the 2011 UK film based on the popular E4 comedy series about a quartet of horny British teenagers straddling the line between coolness and nerdiness. Deadline reports that the US movie version will be called Virgins America and will be directed by the UK's Jim Field Smith (She's Out of My League, Butter). When it was released two years ago, The Inbetweeners Movie had a stronger opening than any UK comedy ever and a sequel is already underway. An American adaptation of the TV version of The Inbetweeners ran on MTV last year but was canceled after [...]

'30 Rock' Director Don Scardino Will Remake the 1979 Movie 'Going in Style'

Director Don Scardino, best known for directing more episodes of 30 Rock than anybody, just signed on to direct a remake of the 1979 comedy Going in Style, Deadline reports. The original, from filmmaker Martin Brest (Beverly Hills Cop, Midnight Run), starred George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg as a trio of senior citizens who decide to rob a bank for a last bit of excitement before they pass away. Unlike most Hollywood remakes, this is a delightful choice of a movie to re-do because it's a good comedy without being a revered, iconic one, and although it features some strong performances, it's not impossible to [...]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants to Remake 'Little Shop of Horrors'

So, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to make a new version of Little Shop of Horrors with him as Seymour. Normally, I'd complain that this is a classic that doesn't require remaking and that Hollywood is terrified of new ideas, blah blah blah, but the "original" Little Shop of Horrors starring Rick Moranis and Steve Martin was itself a remake of a 1960 Roger Corman film, so really, who am I to pass judgement? Maybe Hollywood can cement a nice 25-year cycle in which all profitable ideas are remade on schedule with appropriately buzz-worthy and sexy young actors/actresses replacing the original stars. And Joey G-L sure loves to sing and [...]

Josh Gad to Star in a Movie Remake of 'Gilligan's Island'

Warner Bros is preparing to turn 1960s sitcom Gilligan's Island into a movie, and Josh Gad (1600 Penn, The Book of Mormon) is attached to play a major role, Deadline reports. Gad will write the script with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez. There's no word on what part Gad will be playing, although it'll probably be either Gilligan or the Skipper. It's pretty hard to imagine Gilligan's Island warranting enough material for a full-on movie, given that it's a pretty flimsy premise even for a 22-minute show, but we'll see how this goes.

NBC Is Remaking Andy Samberg's BBC Show 'Cuckoo'

NBC is remaking Cuckoo, the BBC show that originally starred Andy Samberg, according to Deadline. Samberg starred on the BBC Three series as an American hippie named Cuckoo who marries an British girl and moves in with her family back in the UK. The American version, which will be written by the original British writers Robin French and Kieron Quirke, is described as focusing on "the story of a middle-class family whose daughter comes back from a summer abroad married to a charming but infuriating hippie moron." It's unclear whether Samberg would be involved with the series; he's currently on Fox's beloved but ratings-challenged Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which might not make [...]

Adam Sandler to Play a Suicidal Man Who Can See Ghosts in His Next Movie

Adam Sandler is remaking his first Korean supernatural comedy. THR reports that Sandler has signed on to star in and produce Hello Ghost with Chris Columbus attached to direct. A remake of the 2010 Korean comedy of the same name, the film follows a guy who, after a failed suicide attempt, discovers he can see four ghosts who won't leave him alone until he grants them each a wish. It's something he's never done before at least, right?

Brandon T. Jackson Is Your New 'Beverly Hills Cop'

We reported last month that CBS had purchased a new TV version of Beverly Hills Cop that follows Eddie Murphy's character Axel Foley's son, Aaron Foley, and now, we know who Aaron Foley is gonna be: comedian and actor Brandon T. Jackson. You may know Jackson from movies like Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson, and the third Big Momma's House movie, where he played the (step)son of another iconic character, Martin Lawrence's Malcolm "Big Momma" Turner. Humor Mill reports that Jackson is in final negotiations to star in the hour-long crime procedural (with strong comedic elements) from creator Shawn Ryan (The Shield).  TV's Beverly Hills Cop will revolve [...]

The Munsters Are Coming Back to 1313 Mockingbird Lane

The Munsters are back! Everyone's favorite family named after a cheese (who else thought the cheese was named after the show when they were little and was consequently afraid of the cheese? Just me?). Bryan Fuller, the creator of Pushing Daisies, has a pilot order to revive the sitcom as a "visually spectacular one-hour drama." It's still gonna be funny, though, right? What am I saying, of course it'll be funny. They're just like us, but monsters!

The Failed Jim Carrey 'Incredible Mr. Limpet' Remake Would Have Been Terrifying

Patton Oswalt was a guest on the third-to-last episode of The Best Show on WFMU last night, and during a conversation about movies, he told a story he heard from director Brad Bird about a canceled remake of Don Knotts's 1964 family film The Incredible Mr. Limpet that was in development with Jim Carrey in 1998. Steve Oedekerk, who wrote and directed Carrey in the sequel Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, was hired to write/direct the Limpet remake. Oedekerk stepped down from the project in 1999, and Oswalt says Brad Bird was brought in for a meeting about potentially directing the movie. Here's Oswalt telling the story:

They CG-animated [...]

Fox Is Remaking Sharon Horgan's BBC Show 'Dead Boss'

Sharon Horgan is about to get her fourth American pilot. Best known stateside for her turn in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, the Irish writer and actress is remaking her BBC3 prison comedy Dead Boss, which she created with British standup Holly Walsh. The Fox show will center "on a woman trying to prove her innocence after being falsely accused and convicted of killing her boss," according to Deadline. Horgan's other pilots include a remake of her British smash sitcom Pulling, as well as Bad Mom and Bad Management. Below, a trailer for the BBC original:

There Will Be an R-Rated 'Weird Science' Remake

A remake of the John Hughes '80s comedy Weird Science is on the way. Deadline reports that writer Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim, Project X) has been hired to pen the script, which will have an edgier, R-rated tone than the original like the 21 Jump Street remake, which Bacall also wrote. Written and directed by John Hughes, Weird Science followed a pair of nerdy teens (Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith) who create the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock) with a computer. As far as remakes of classic John Hughes movies go, this seems like the one you could do while upsetting the least amount of people – unless we're [...]

(Sarcastically) Exciting News: Hollywood to Remake a Body Swap Movie

1984's All of Me was a very a good body-switching movie or, well, body-semi-switching movie. Lily Tomlin's character plans on a full swap but somehow ends up sharing Steve Martin's body with Steve. 'Twas a Steve Martin tour de funny. And now, almost 20 years later, DreamWorks is working on a remake. (This was after a previous attempt at a remake that would've starred Queen Latifah.) Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, who previously wrote The Vow and Never Been Kissed, have written the script. The plan is for the remake to be about a man whose soul ends up sharing a woman's body. This is why we can't [...]