Chris Gethard Wrote a Brave, Insightful Piece About the UCSB Tragedy

"There was no they. No one was ever out to get me. They never held me back, only held me back. And eventually I realized that. And I found a lot more friends. And they were friends I felt more comfortable around. And all the things I thought I wanted when I was an angry young man – I either got them all or realized along the way that I never really wanted them. All the things I was angry about… as I’ve lived my life, I’ve come to realize that the world wasn’t making me feel that anger. I was making me feel that anger. The world couldn’t do anything to right its wrongs; only I [...]

Talking with Scott Jacobson about the Brilliant Program for The Daily Show's Ten-Year Anniversary Concert

Four years ago, Scott Jacobson (current Bob's Burgers' writer and formerly of the Daily Show) put together a concert honoring ten years of The Daily Show. Sadly, unless you have a time machine, you won't be able to experience that show. (And even if you did have a time traveling device, the show was probably sold out so you'd have to use the machine to go back to the minute the tickets went on sale and then you'd have to wait a month until the show actually happened, which would be super boring. So don't do that, just continue reading.) The good news is Jacobson tweeted out the [...]