Stephen Colbert Announces His Last 'Colbert Report' Episode Will Be December 18th

During last night's Colbert Report, Stephen took a moment to shamelessly hawk the paperback edition of his 2012 book America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't, but not without good reason: Colbert announced that the official date for the final episode of the show is now Thursday, December 18th. "Stephen Colbert, the guy you've seen here every night for nine years, will be gone. All you'll have left of me is this book."

Marcia Wallace, Voice of Mrs. Krabappel on 'The Simpsons', Has Died

Actress Marcia Wallace, who voiced Springfield Elementary School teacher Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons, passed away over the weekend at age 70. Wallace appeared in more than 100 episodes of the series as Bart Simpson's teacher (and in recent years, Ned Flanders's wife), and won an Emmy in 1992 for outstanding voiceover performance. Her character will be retired from the show.

Wallace starred as receptionist Carol Kester on The Bob Newhart Show. She had a long career in theater and television, appearing on classics from The Merv Griffin Show to The Brady Bunch to Full House. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, though her exact cause of death is still unknown.

Stand-Up Patrice O'Neal Suffers A Stroke

Oh jeezus. As reported on the Opie & Anthony show this morning, comic Patrice O'Neal suffered a stroke last Wednesday; not much information is currently available about his condition. Jim Norton asked other O&A regulars Colin Quinn, Robert Kelly, Rich Vos and Keith Robinson to join him on the show to make the announcement, explaining, "We wanted it to come from us. We don’t know how he is. We don’t know how he’s going to be. I didn’t want to do this by myself. I wish we had more news for you.” Said Rich Vos, “It’s hard to talk about it. He’s such a good friend. It’s too [...]

Greg Giraldo Dead of Accidental Prescription Drug Overdose

Comedian Greg Giraldo, who was admitted to a hospital on Saturday for an accidental prescription drug overdose, has died, according to various sources. He was 44. RIP, Greg.

After the jump, some videos of him at various roasts, where he was always one of the highlights:

Doctors Aren't Sure Whether Tracy Morgan Will Perform Again

Since suffering multiple injuries in the June car crash that killed his friend and mentor James McNair, former 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has been undergoing extensive rehab that includes, according to his lawyer Benedict Morelli, "daily speech, cognitive, vocational and physical therapies." Speaking to Page Six, Morelli went on to say that Morgan's career may be in jeopardy due to the brain injury he sustained, and when asked whether the SNL alum will ever perform again he gave a not very reassuring answer: "The jury's still out. The doctors don't know the answer. I don't know the answer."

Earlier this week, Walmart delivered its response [...]

Pretend Time Is Over, Children

Nick Swardson announced via Facebook that his Comedy Central sketch show, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, will end after its second season. Despite good ratings, he says the show was "too expensive for the network and tough creatively." Not that this is the end for Swardson, who's "developing a new show where I play a ninja." The future cannot come quickly enough.

The Simpsons Probably Won't Go More Than One More Season

So, even after the producers have taken a pay cut, and even if the actors are cool with their paychecks being cut in half, and even if Fox decides it's actually financially worth it to keep the show going, it's likely that we still won't get more than one more season. Apparently, "an executive close to the show" says that Fox only wants the show for one more year – assuming they can pay much less for it, of course.

On the bright side, having a season's notice would definitely give the writers time to use any episode ideas they've been saving, and of course [...]

Tracy Morgan Remains in Critical Condition After Fatal Car Wreck

While traveling home in a limo van from a show in Delaware late Friday night, Tracy Morgan and his crew of passengers including Morgan's writing partner James McNair and standups Ardie Fuqua and Harris Stanton were hit by a tractor-trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike in what resulted in a six-car accident, which tragically killed McNair, injured Fuqua and Stanton, and left Morgan in critical condition with broken ribs as well as a broken nose, leg, and femur. "He has been more responsive, which is an incredibly encouraging sign," Morgan's publicist announced on Sunday following Morgan's leg surgery. "We expect him to remain in the hospital for [...]

Stand-Up Comic Patrice O'Neal Has Died

The great comic Patrice O'Neal, who suffered a stroke a few weeks ago, has passed away, Opie of Opie & Anthony (where O'Neal was a frequent guest) has confirmed. This is very sad news for fans of comedy and fans of good people in general, and there's not much we can do about it but just be sad for a while. And enjoy his comedy; after the jump is his performance from the 2011 New York Comedy Festival, and here is his interview on WTF with Marc Maron.

Dave Chappelle Shoots Down New Show Rumors

As it turns out, rumors about Dave Chapelle's new show have been greatly exaggerated. "Absolutely untrue,” says Chappelle’s rep Carla Sims in regards to The Daily's report that the comedian might debut a new show via a paid subscription service. So, Dave's probably just holding out until he can get an HBO deal somewhere down the line, right? Yeah, that's it. He'll be back. Someday…someday he'll be back.