Here Are Some Details about the Next Treehouse of Horror

(Let's just throw a spoiler alert up for every word in this post here on out.) The Simpsons' executive producer Al Jeans spilled many beans about next season's Treehouse of Horror to TVLine. Here they are:

Bean 1: Bart is going to go back in time to prevent Marge and Homer from getting married, like an anti-Marty McFly. Sub-Bean 1: Jon Lovitz will be back to voice Artie Ziff.

Bean 2: There will be a found-footage parody, you know like Paranormal Activity. "Strange" things are going to happen to the Simpson house.

Bean 3: Jean: “We have a segment where a mini black hole terrorizes Springfield and starts [...]

Charlie Sheen Returns to TV in June, Possibly For Good

Charlie Sheen's new show Anger Management is premiering on FX in June, and Russell Brand's late night series Strangely Uplifting will begin in April. By far the most frightening piece of news here is that if the first ten episode stretch of Anger Management does well enough, "it will trigger a 90-episode pickup." 90?! Dear God! The humanity! It's like FX is a Bond villain who's rigged up some doomsday device that will destroy all of Tokyo if enough people insult his moustache. We have to be strong, America. We can't watch this show's first ten episodes unless we want Charlie Sheen to be ranting and [...]

Craig Ferguson Jokes About The Anthrax Scare On Late, Late Show

Shit is getting real on late night, people! First it was David Letterman's death threats, now yesterday Craig Ferguson's anthrax scare had both real and sexy fireman alike in a dance-panic over an envelope of white powder received by the Late, Late Show. "I'll test it for you if you want!" Ferguson reassured the police officers who responded. "I have a special test that I conducted between 1979 to 1992!"

Two people were reportedly held at the studio around 3:00pm after being exposed to the substance, but luckily a hazardous materials team determined that it was benign, meaning Craig was then free to go riff-crazy. "My first [...]