'2 Broke Girls': Still Bad

"Held next to Girls2 Broke Girls is a garish, loud Kabuki performance, something so discordant and ugly and dreadfully unfunny that, in its Brooklyn youth-y context, it seems like some kind of Bushwick anti-art performance piece. 'It's supposed to be hideous,' I can almost hear some character on Girls saying while nodding his head and watching the 2 Broke Girls cast flail around some Bushwick warehouse. 'It's like Brecht or something,' says his friend." — Richard Lawson watched the hour-long (oof) season finale of 2 Broke Girls so you don't have to.

The Best, Most Brutal Quotes From Reviews of Work It

ABC premieres Work It tonight, a show about two dudes dressing up as women in order to get jobs during a "mancession," and it's gotten some of the absolutely worst reviews of any new show this season. The premise is offensive! The fact that anyone would think that these two huge dudes look like ladies is ridiculous! The set design is terrible and cheap! The very first joke in the pilot references Jodie Foster's gang rape in The Accused! You know, normal bad sitcom stuff.

So whether you were considering watching this for some reason and need to be dissuaded, or you're a comedy writer who didn't get [...]