How the Legal Marijuana Industry Is Helping Grow Denver's Comedy Scene

Comedians like Doug Benson and Stephen Colbert have been getting a lot of joke-mileage out of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana last January. Though after Maureen Dowd wrote about being “curled up in a hallucinatory state for eight hours” in a Denver hotel room after carelessly ingesting too much edible cannabis, Bill Maher editorialized that Colorado “must realize that they are the Jackie Robinson of marijuana legislation,” and that residents “have to get this right, or else you’ll ruin it for everybody.”

The definition of what “getting this right” means is being played out in the Denver comedy scene, where marijuana has become more than just a cultural glue between comics [...]

NBC Stream Whitney, Up All Night On Yahoo

No doubt inspired by Fox's successful airing of the New Girl pilot on iTunes before the show's premiere, NBC will be streaming Up all Night and Whitney on Yahoo before their air times on Wednesday and Thursday night, respectively. The shows are currently up and available for your enjoyment, though it seems like a huge misstep that they aren't mentioned on Yahoo's homepage. It took me a few minutes to find them at all, during which I felt like I was taking idiot pills. AND I DO NOT CARE FOR THAT FEELING!

Paul Rudd Presents: Our Idiot Brother: The Hangover, Borat

Paul Rudd has…different ideas. Different, really stupid ideas. Over at Funny or Die, Rudd has a lot of thoughts on the marketing strategy for his upcoming Our Idiot Brother (like, for example, a Funny Or Die video) and he badly wants Harvey Weinstein to understand them. Or at least read them off the piece of toilet paper Paul scribbled them on. Either way, this might just be the jolt Paul Reiser or Paul Reubens or the Greek Porn Actors Association needs for a career renaissance.