A Look Back At John Oliver's Pre-'Daily Show' Work

John Oliver has been killing it as the guest host of The Daily Show this summer. He’s tackled major intelligence scandals, game-changing legal decisions, and untimely power outages so perfectly that it’s hard to believe this isn’t his full time job (…yet). Undoubtedly, part of the reason he’s such a natural is his length of time with the show – he joined the cast of The Daily Show in July 2006, and the writing staff the following year. He’s now beloved in the US, hosting his own Comedy Central standup show, recurring on Community, and co-hosting the excellent satirical podcast The Bugle. But when he crossed [...]

Original British Version of Free Agents to Air on BBC America

Free Agents, the upcoming NBC sitcom starring Hank Azaria, is a remake of a British show of the same name. If you want to compare the original to the new, Americanized version, BBC America will be showing it starting on October 8th.

Absolutely Fabulous Absolutely Fabulous Pictures

British cult classic Absolutely Fabulous is still coming back and now there are pictures to prove it! Or else it's an elaborate costumed scheme to fool us all into catching up on the series in anticipation of new episodes.

Scheme or not, Eddy and Patsy do look fabulous. I just hope someone else is driving that limo, because those poses look like the girls haven't laid off the booze much in the time they've been off the air.

Absolutely Fabulous Is Returning to Celebrate/Get Drunk at the Olympics

Cult classic Absolutely Fabulous is coming back, if but briefly, for three new specials that will lead up to the London Olympics. They'll take place in the present day, with Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and all the original castmembers reprising their roles. Here's what to expect from the three specials: In the first epsiode, audiences will rejoin the ensemble in the middle of a "life-changing experience for one – which affects them all".

In the second show, Edina sets her sights on changing the career of someone described by the BBC as "a very big fish indeed".

In the concluding episode, Eddy and Patsy play their own [...]

Greg Daniels to Adapt Britain's Friday Night Dinner for NBC

Since he did a pretty OK job adapting the original, British version of The Office for American TV, Greg Daniels is now turning his sights on another UK import for NBC: Friday Night Dinner. Here's the relevant info on the show: Created by Robert Popper, Friday Night Dinner, which debuted on Channel 4 in February, centers on the Goodmans, a traditional but not strictly observant Jewish family, and chronicles their Shabbat dinners. Every Friday night, brothers Adam and Jonny reluctantly visit their parents, mom Jackie, who is obsessed with Masterchef, and dad Martin, who loves to walk around shirtless, for a home cooked meal. Adding to the gallery [...]

Inside the Avatar Pitch Meeting

I'd Like To Have Been In That Meeting… Avatar is a video by the Dawson Brothers, a British comedy team who have written for The Peter Serafinowicz Show, Funny Or Die UK, Mitchell & Webb and The Wrong Door. This is basically two videos in one: first it's an imagining of the pitch meeting that got Avatar made, and then it turns into a parody of a scene from the movie itself (featuring voice work by Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Dana Snyder). That's a lot of background for a three-minute video, so maybe you should just watch it.