Aasif Mandvi Explains How 'The Daily Show' Made Him a "Terrorist of Comedy"

"The longer I spent time on The Daily Show, standing in front of a green screen pretending to report from war zones and hot spots around the world—most often from somewhere in the Middle East—the more I began to realize that The Daily Show was radicalizing me. I was being allowed to express the outrage that had lain dormant in me since the aftermath of September 11. I was becoming a terrorist of comedy … I was learning to fire missiles of satire across the basic cable airwaves and blow the minds of a million people."

- Aasif Mandvi looks back on getting hired on The Daily Show and his [...]

Jessica Williams Comments on 'The Daily Show's Diversity

"As far as diversity's concerned, there's me, there's Al Madrigal, there's Aasif Mandvi. But I'm not walking around feeling black all the time. That would stress me out. It would make me crack. Some days I do feel that pressure of, 'What do I mean as a black woman? What am I representing?' It honestly just gives me anxiety. Ultimately, when I deliver something, a lot of times it will be from a black woman's perspective, but other times it will be just from a satirical, goofy perspective. I'm a young correspondent, so sometimes I'm just young. Sometimes I'm just straightforward. We have one of the most diverse casts out [...]

John Hodgman Battles Hackers on Their Own Turf: In Tron

Last night, John Hodgman and his moustache were on The Daily Show to discuss the recent spate of high-profile hackings. He gives advice on how to protect your online identity (or Etsy store), and then "ziplines into the infocloud" to fight cybercriminals on their own turf. It's a turf that looks a whole lot like the original Tron's turf, but that's how you know it's authentic!

Al Madrigal Allegedly Debuting Tonight As The Daily Show's New Correspondent

Punchline reported today that stand-up Al Madrigal will be The Daily Show's newest correspondent. The comedian and actor has co-starred along side Jay Mohr in Gary Unmarried and Welcome To The Captain with Jeffrey Tambor, as well as performed on Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and Conan. Madrigal will also be joining the Hank Azaria NBC show Free Agents along side Natasha Leggero and Mo Mandel. Madrigal will reportedly be filing a field report with long-time correspondent Jason Jones on tonight's show. Oh, that Moammar Gadhafi is going to get it so good.

Jon Stewart Sends Off Glenn Beck with an Episode-Long Parody

Jon Stewart loves to wheel the ol' chalkboard out to highlight the absurdities of Glenn Beck's schtick, so it was only natural that he got into character last night. After all, Beck had just announced that his show on Fox is going to come to an end. Gotta give the guy a proper sendoff! One clip is above, and head over to the Daily Show website for the whole episode.

Dick Cheney Told Michael Che About All of His Iraq Regrets

On last night's Daily Show, Michael Che recounted his recent revealing encounter with former VP Dick Cheney, in which he fully copped to his mistakes and showed a glimpse of the emotional depths he has on the subject. Thank god he got it all on tape!

Jon Stewart Describes Life at The Daily Show, Warns of Its Inevitable Demise Via Mole People

Jon Stewart tells Rolling Stone about the day-to-day process of The Daily Show from the show's historic Orgy Room, which is of course lined with magazines because orgies are notorious bore-fests. He argues that the best episodes of the show come not from tackling big political issues, but from spinning small moments, like Donald Trump's eating pizza with a fork and knife, into 10 minutes of material. Stewart also graciously warns us about The Daily Show's eventual future cancellation once the "mole people" locked away in dark rooms monitoring news footage for use on the show finally gain sentience and revolt. Who can blame them? If I had to [...]

Bad Teacher/Questionable Doctor: Cameron Diaz Removes Jon Stewart's Stitches

If The Daily Show is as committed to preventing typhoid as they claim to be, I really question the wisdom of having Cameron Diaz remove Jon Stewart's stitches with a pair of safety scissors and a mouthful of anticipation saliva. "This is why talk shows plan a conversation," Stewart realizes towards the end of the seven minute bit. Who can focus on Cameron's new film about Phyllis being awesome when all I can look at is the puffy inflamed skin around Jon Stewart's healing wound? Apparently Justin Timberlake is in the movie too? Didn't see him; too busy wound-gazing.

Ricky Gervais and Jon Stewart Talk Dinosaurs, Getting Ripped in Extended Uncensored Interview

You know if he really wanted to, Jon Stewart could have jammed Ricky Gervais' Daily Show interview into the allotted time; You can tell he just didn't want to stop giggling; Luckily for us he didn't, and Gervais' full, uncensored interview is available online for our delectation. After the commercial break, Ricky gave the studio audience tickets to the gun show when he threw up the image on his crucifixion-lite Easter card, which garnered actual gasps of horror from the crowd.

Later Stewart and Gervais riffed on matters of faith and getting totally swole. "Really, I just wanted to show that I've been working out," Ricky said, [...]

Kristen Schaal Pitches the All-Female Country on The Daily Show

Kristen Schaal swung by The Daily Show last night to talk about how, after these revolutions in the middle east, women are being kept out of the process of rebuilding governments. Her solution? A women-only country, maybe called Vagistan. But don't worry, men! You'll be allowed in, too, provided you're a virgin.

'The Daily Show' Promotes Elliott Kalan to Head Writer

With correspondent John Oliver and head writer Tim Carvell now off in HBO land, The Daily Show has shaken up its staff and hired a new head writer. Deadline reports that Elliott Kalan, who started as a Daily Show production assistant in 2003 and has been a writer since 2008, has been promoted to head writer. Longtime producers Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz, and Adam Lowitt have also been promoted to executive producers, and Tim Greenberg and Hillary Kun were also promoted to co-executive producers. Click through to watch Kalan in "Elliott Kalan: Tomorrow's Andy Rooney Today!" where he begged CBS to hire him as their next curmudgeonly [...]

Jon Stewart Lays Into Newsweek for its Michele Bachmann Cover Story

You've probably seen the latest cover of Newsweek, with Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on it. She looks insane. Those eyes! Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart made a pretty good point about it: if you want to make Michele Bachmann look crazy, you'll have a lot more credibility doing it with her words rather than with a terrible photo of her.

Daily Show Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal Is Not Your Applebee's Fajita

The Daily Show debuted new Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal last night, who suspects President Obama's recent statements about immigration are just a cynical ploy to appeal to a growing demographic, not unlike some late-night satirical news shows we know. "You hope to make up for it by Googling 'Mexican comedian' and voila!" he analogized to a sheepish Stewart. "It's so cultural offensive," Madrigal declared. "And I am a little offended your make-up lady covered up my tear drop tattoo." Jon also took the time to clarify the specifics of an ugly stereotype: Jews are rumored to control the media, not the medians. "So we can sell oranges [...]

Tracy Morgan Tells Jon Stewart About His Sperm

The Tracy Morgan Non Sequitur Express stopped by The Daily Show last night, spending a few minutes talking about super sperm, the Knicks, Pablo Escobar, and Donald Trump's illegitimate black child. You know, standard interview stuff!