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What Your Favorite Automobile from Television or the Movies Says About You, by Gary M. Almeter

Interview Tips Employers Don’t Want You to Know, by David Henne

Don’t Ask Me About Being Lost at Sea, by Kathryn Doyle

Let’s Just Say Our Vacation Would Make a Great Chevy Chase Movie, by Evan Greenspoon

The Hungry Little Spider: A Children’s Book by Barry Delmar Ph.D, Head of the Entomology Department at Johns Hopkins University, by Simon Johnston

U.S. Infrastructure Night at the Landing Strip, by Luke Pohjala

I’m Beginning to Suspect That You, My Roommate, Are Not Famed Artist Banksy, by Max Knoblauch

Oral History of a Sandwich, by Jon Wolper

I Did It. I Did. Me. By Matthew David Brozik

Animal Expert, by Blythe Roberson

My New Life Under a Pile of Sticks in the Woods, by Jeremy Freeze

How Walt Maguire, Forensic Puppeteer, Spends His Sundays, by Walt Maguire

She Meets He, by Ellie Opulent

The Hamburglar’s Manifesto, by Chris Morgan

Alien Sleep Recording 461, by Luke Strickler

Taylor Swifties, by Norman Birnbach

A Post-Melt Guide to Local Wildlife, by James Seidler

The Camel’s Dream, by Evan Waite and Frank Santopadre

The World Needs Another ‘Poltergeist,’ by Brandon Hartley

The Right Man For the Job, by Django Gold