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Check Out Some ’80s and ’90s Clips of Harold Ramis at The Second City

Watch Fred Willard Play the Newest Atari Game ‘I Am Woman’ at Second City in 1984

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Watch Horatio Sanz Shamelessly Promote Lucky Deal Used Cars at Second City in 1998

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Stephnie Weir Delivers an Honest Momologue at The Second City in 1998

Learn About Kwanzaa with Jack McBrayer, David Pompeii, Debra Downing, and More at The Second City

Celebrate the Holidays the Polish Way with Second City’s Kevin Dorff, Stephnie Weir, and More

Have a Very Second City Thanksgiving with Aidy Bryant, Steve Carell, Paul Dinello, and More

Watch Scott Adsit and Jon Glaser Play Second City Sportscasters in 1994

Watch Chris Farley, Bob Odenkirk, Tim Meadows, and More Parody ‘On the Town’ at The Second City

Keegan-Michael Key and T.J. Jagodowski Celebrate the Beauty of Fall at Second City

Watch Mike O’Brien Interrupt a Second City Show in the Name of Love in 2008

Tim Robinson, Sam Richardson, Tim Mason, and Edgar Blackmon Talk Baseball at Second City

Belushi, Flaherty, Ramis, and Fisher Play an All-American Football Team at Second City in 1972

Watch David Koechner Critique Aidy Bryant and Jack McBrayer’s “Skit” at The Second City

Harold Ramis Looks Back on Working at the ‘SCTV’ “Comedy House” with John Candy

John Belushi and Joe Flaherty Meet on Death Row in This 1971 Second City Sketch