NBC: "We (Abstract Rainbow Peacock Graphic) Comedy"

NBC is going to include a little logo at the bottom of all their ads promoting their 10 fall comedies. In the style of "I <3 NY", it will read "We (NBC logo) Comedy" and look like this:  It's supposed to remind people of NBC's long history of great comedies and have them translate that goodwill to their new sitcoms.

New sitcoms that will be very much different from the shows that often get discussed on this site.  NBC's man in charge Robert Greenblatt put it this way: "Those Thursday comedies, which the critics love and we love, tend to be a bit more narrow than we ultimately like as we [...]

Amazon Wants You To Help Them Make Original Comedy Programming

Amazon announced today that it will begin distributing comedy and children's programming directly to the consumer through their video streaming service, Amazon Instant Video. Amazon joining Netflix in the programming business is another step towards the content creation paradigm shift. Standard television ratings are plummeting, as people are looking for new ways to consume media. Amazon's hook is they are opening up submissions to anyone with a five-page treatment and a pilot script, which is everyone under 35 at this point. Once a month, they will choose a project and option it for $55,000, which a contact in the television industry explained, is about what cable networks [...]