Disney Is Developing a Muppets Stage Show

There may be a Muppets stage show on the way. Variety reports that Disney is working to develop a live show involving Jim Henson's beloved felt creatures, and they recently staged a 15-minute presentation for a prospective show. The short but elaborate test run involved 85 different Muppets and was received well, so we'll just have to see if this becomes a real thing. You can see the Muppets next in The Muppets… Again!, a Europe-sets sequel to Jason Segel's reboot that stars Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Ty Burrell, and not Jason Segel.

Russell Brand Will Star in Eric Idle's Stage Romp What About Dick?

Russell Brand will don the stage actor's powdered wig for a few performances of What About Dick?, a play by Eric Idle, in LA this April. The rest of the British cast is pretty fantastic too: Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Sophie Winkleman, Tracey Ullman, Tim Curry, and Billy Connolly – plus Idle as the play's narrator. It's a "farcical romp" set in the early 1900s, which means there will surely be endless, interminable, unceasing naughty plays on the word "dick." You'd be an absolute fool to not attend this show if you have the chance.

Book of Mormon May Spread the Good Word to a Bigger Theater

The Book of Mormon may be moving to a bigger theater, and not just so it can sell more tickets. The move may also be a power play on behalf of producer Scott Rudin to piss off the owner of the theater Mormon's currently in. Broadway: the drama is not just onstage.

Chris Rock Gets Praised for His Broadway Debut, The Motherfucker with the Hat

Reviews are coming in for Chris Rock's Broadway debut, The Motherfucker with the Hat, and they look to be pretty positive. Ben Brantley over at the New York Times had this to say about Rock's performance in his review: "For much of the play the power belongs to Ralph, who wields phrases like 'the cycle of self-sabotage' in the style of a pistol-twirling gunslinger. As a professional stand-up seducer (which even insult comics have to be), Mr. Rock fits the part effortlessly." There's a lot of comedy star power on Broadway right now, albeit involved in very disparate things. From Trey Parker and Matt Stone's The Book of [...]

Lewis Black to Vent About Politics on Broadway

Just in time for the election this fall, Lewis Black is bringing his latest one-man show, Running on Empty, to Broadway. It'll run at the Richard Rodgers Theater from October 9th to the 14th. His last show, Black on Broadway, was also broadcast as a special on HBO, so there's a good chance that this one will as well. As for his reasoning, here's what Black had to say about the new show:

Why Broadway? It’s close to my apartment, just blocks away, and frankly I’m too tired to go anywhere else. These guys are exhausting me. Democrats. Republicans. The Tea Party. Just shut up. Enough is enough.


The Book of Mormon's Going International With a London Production in 2013

A London production of The Book of Mormon will begin casting soon, with an eye towards raising the curtain in March 2013. Heads up for those of you who can sing, dance, and deliver comical lines in a convincingly British accent.

People Still Love The Book of Mormon, Especially People in Denver

The Book of Mormon's three-week run in Denver sold out in five hours. Five hours! That's probably less time than it takes to read the actual Book of Mormon.

Pee-Wee's Playhouse Hits Broadway

I bought tickets to The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway as soon they went on sale back in May. I knew it was a bit risky, considering the initial first revival attempt in Los Angeles in 2009 was canceled in favor of moving it to a bigger theater. But it wasn't until Pee Wee whipped the Internet into a frenzy with recent Twitter musings and Foursquare check-ins when it really sunk it — this show is definitely happening.

It was opening night and the crowd was full of aging Gen-Xers and assorted Pee Wee enthusiasts. The houselights went down, and Pee Wee poked out shyly in [...]

I Assure You, Clerks 3 Will Be a Stage Play

First comes Anchorman 2, and now comes the news that Kevin Smith wants to make Clerks 3 – as a stage play. It sounds like a fun idea, since Smith's dialogue-heavy style makes his movies feel like they're practically plays already, although a six-month run on Broadway would mean far fewer people would get to watch the third installment. Above, Smith describes pitching the idea to a skeptical Jeff Anderson, who played Randall in the films and has an excellently in-character response.

The Book of Mormon Will Convert San Francisco This November

The Book of Mormon will be serenading San Francisco audiences for five weeks this fall, as part of their sinister plot to convert the entire West Coast to Broadwayism. Get your tickets now for the most fun brainwashing you'll ever experience, San Francisco.

A Book of Mormon Tour Is in the Works

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Book of Mormon has been a huge success, selling out shows through the late summer, garnering 14 Tony nominations and paying for extra wings to be added to each of their solid-gold mansions. But what of the people nowhere near NYC who want to check it out? There's the soundtrack, but that's not quite the same of seeing the show in person. Never fear! A tour of the show is in the works, kicking off in Denver starting in December of 2012. There's also talk of a show in London, although that one's less nailed down at this point. In any [...]