Monty Python and the Holy iPad App

But of course there is an iPad app that tells the animated story of the making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! One half of the app is devoted to interaction with the Blu-ray disk of the movie; the other "follows the six main actors in 2012 as they relive each hour of filming," complete with descriptions of script changes, outtakes and photos. If this app sounds worthy of a noble quest to you, grip your coconuts by the husk and head to the iTunes store.

How Does Conan's New Mobile App Stack Up Against the Fallon App?

When we think about late night shows trying to appeal to the unruly youths of today, there's one tried-and-true technique that guarantees anyone (even Bill Cosby) some street cred. Other than doing a Reddit AMA, I mean. Apps! Apps, glorious apps, Blackberry or iPhone! Some of them can rap, others can just play tones. (That was to the tune of "Food, Glorious, Food," from the musical Oliver!, you uncultured plebeians.)

The latest offering is Team Coco To Go, Conan's companion series, which includes options for tablets, smartphones and mobile web. How does it compare to, say, the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon app?

Jimmy Fallon Wakes You Up to the Scene's Hottest, Hippest Comedy Accessory

Between yesterday's Onion Magic Ball and today's Jimmy Fallon wake up call alarm, it would appear to the trend-aware eye that an iPhone app is the new must-have accessory for comedians. Publications, show hosts, comics: everyone needs a 99 cent version of their comedic voice! iPhone apps are the new…podcast? Plaid shirt? Crippling sense of self-doubt?