This Sketch Video Seemed Absurd Until People Did the Same Thing in Real Life

Here's a sketch that NYC comedy group The Bilderbergers made for Lorne Michaels's company's YouTube channel, Above Average, about a pair of Brooklyn designers who start making artsy beautiful signs to help the homeless instead of giving them food or shelter. After shooting the video, the group found that this is a real thing that is happening in Massachusetts, where two artists are giving homeless people beautiful, colorful signs to replace their handwritten ones. "We were pretty astonished at how what had always been a satirical idea in our heads was actually implemented," says Bilderbergers member Ben Stadler. Congrats to those living, breathing sketch comedy characters in Massachusetts!

Man Claims The Hangover Part II Was Based on His Life

Michael Alan Rubin is suing Warner Brothers, arguing that the plot of The Hangover Part II was stolen from a script he wrote about his 2007 honeymoon in Thailand and India. He claims that the movie also constitutes an "exploitation of [his] private real life." Which begs the question, how much dignity would his life have to be exploited in the first place if he truly spent that much time with a monkey in a cutoff denim vest?

Rubin is also suing for defamation, claiming that "the filmmakers suggested the inference that he was under the influence of drugs when he ditched his girlfriend and proposed to a [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Jack Donaghy Is Not an Optimal Boss

An actually serious study by the actually serious company Global Compliance has found that the workplace on 30 Rock has the most ethics violations of any workplace on TV. Nice work, you fucking scientists. Get your Nobel acceptance speeches prepped! The biggest offender? "30 Rock," which averages 11 violations per episode. On one show, Jack (Alec Baldwin) comments that a "chick lawyer" who handles sexual harassment presentations is "asking for it." According to Global Compliance, which is devoted to helping organizations achieve the highest degree of ethical behavior, Jack's remark violates Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Respect in the Workplace.

Jesus Christ.