Trade Roundup: I Give It a Year, Only Fools & Horses, Andrea Martin

An early 2013 UK release date has been set for the London-filmed I Give It a Year, starring Rose Byrne, Anna Faris and Stephen Merchant, and written and directed by Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator Dan Mazer. It's a comedy about "a young couple in their first year of marriage," or as they say in England, "a young couple in their first year of marriage."

In other Bridesmaids star news, Wendi McLendon-Covey will be starring in ABC's Only Fools & Horses pilot (after Goldie Hawn left The Viagra Diaries and freed her from her role in that). Anyway, she and Steve Carell would definitely make this [...]

Trade Roundup: Rachel Dratch, Larry Wilmore, Lily Tomlin, Martin Lawrence

People bookin' pilots! Rachel Dratch has joined NBC's multicamera Lady Friends as one of two friends whose lives change when the more successful one (Andrea Anders from Better Off Ted) gets married. Sounds kinda Bridesmaids-y. In a good way.

Living Loaded, the new show from Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney and Rob Rosell, has added Larry Wilmore as "a thoughtful and reserved black intellectual whose dream of hosting his own NPR show is crushed" by his new co-host, the show's protagonist. Poor Larry Wilmore. He'll always have his Daily Show job as Senior Black Correspondent to fall back on.

Lily Tomlin will play Reba McEntire's mother in [...]

Trade Roundup: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jason Jones, Justin Kirk

Bridesmaids' Wendi McLendon-Covey will star opposite Goldie Hawn in The Viagra Diaries pilot. She'll play Goldie's therapist daughter and if there is a God all of her advice to patients will sound like this.

Jason Jones of The Daily Show has signed on to play an Interpol agent in heist comedy The Black Marks. Also, Kurt Russell's character is going to be named Crunch Calhoun. These two facts alone should mean you've already purchased a ticket.

Weeds' Justin Kirk will be starring in Animal Kingdom, the show that will launch a thousand elephant acting careers. He'll play "a House-like veterinarian who [...]

Trade Roundup: Sarah Silverman Pilot, The Smart One, Friday Night Dinner

Sarah Silverman's pilot has added Tig Notaro and Lost's Ken Leung to its already stellar cast. I know, I thought that said Ken Jeong at first too.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's pilot The Smart One has been picked up at ABC – not at NBC, who initially ordered it. Dueling networks! Much like the dueling sisters that the pilot will feature. Seamless segue.

Ken Kwapis has hopped on board the Friday Night Dinner pilot, reuniting with writer Greg Daniels eight years after the pilot of The Office. The pairing bodes well for the new show, and Ken Kwapis' last name is [...]

Trade Roundup: Ben Stiller, Paul Feig, Celeste and Jesse, For A Good Time

Ben Stiller will star in, direct, and executive produce a comedy pilot for HBO called All Talk. Written by Jonathan Safran Foer, it's about "the daily and life-altering dramas of a Jewish family in Washington, DC" and is being called “politically, religiously, culturally, intellectually and sexually irreverent.” That is a lot of ways to be irreverent. Let's see if I can be irreverent in all those ways in one sentence: "Hey Obama, Jesus, Broadway and Noam Chomsky: wanna fuck?" NAILED IT.

Paul Feig is on board to direct and executive produce an HBO pilot of his own, from Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the City. The [...]

Trade Roundup: Jeff Goldblum, Jesse Bradford, Roseanne Barr

Jeff Goldblum has joined the increasingly fantastic cast of Sarah Silverman's NBC pilot as Silverman's character's ex-boyfriend, whom she probably broke up with because she was sick of hearing his thoughts on how chaos theory means that all her plans will end in dinosaur attacks.

The Jimmy Fallon-produced NBC pilot DILFs by Charlie Grandy has secured a lead in Jesse Bradford, who'll play "a handsome recently divorced lawyer who is confident in everything except parenting his 9-month-old son." Don't you kind of wish this was a laugh-track, family-friendly mid-2000s CBS show so there would be a voice-over going, "Depositions he can handle. But diapers? No way!" [...]

Trade Roundup: Rob Corddry, Ryan Hansen, Living Loaded

Rob Corddry has signed on for Michael Bay's Pain and Gain, a movie based on the true story of "bodybuilders who engaged in a campaign of kidnapping, extortion and murder in Florida." He joins a cast including Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Ed Harris. So-much-testosterone. Can't-take-it. Must-ingest-creatine-and-protein-powder. GGGRRRRRRUHHHHH.

Party Down's Ryan Hansen has joined the Fox pilot El Jefe as the 30-year-old living with his nanny's family. Sounds like it'll be a real struggle for him.

Donald Sutherland will co-star in Living Loaded, the Fox pilot from the creators of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He'll play the protagonist's father, and we trust that Rob [...]

Trade Roundup: Tina Fey, Mandy Moore, Nick Offerman, Friends Reunion

Tina Fey may be producing Fancy Nancy, based on a series of children's books about a girl named Nancy with a taste for all things you-know-what. It doesn't look like Fey will have an acting role in the film, which is probably good since it saves us all from spending money on a movie made solely for young children who enjoy the finer things in life.

ABC's picked up a pilot starring Mandy Moore as a newlywed who gets a chance to run a cool restaurant in her hometown, bringing her closer to her "needy and high maintenance family." Some may say they have not been anticipating [...]

Trade Roundup: Only Fools and Horses, Paul the Male Matchmaker, Lizzy Caplan

Could Steve Carell be set to re-make a second popular British sitcom for American audiences? ABC is working on a US version of the BBC show Only Fools and Horses, to be written by Scrubs writers Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley. Steve Carell and Jason Biggs are rumored to be playing the lead roles, but you know what they say about rumors. (That they're always true and we're going to have another Office!)

Hulu has picked up a 10-episode mockumentary comedy series called Paul the Male Matchmaker from Sex and the City's Liz Tucillo and Mad Men's Paul Bartholomew, with guest stars including Janeane Garofalo and Tony [...]

Trade Roundup: Paul Feig, Police Academy 2, Bruce Almighty 2, Rob McElhenney

Paul Feig will direct The Better Woman, a comedy "about a powerful young woman whose boyfriend dumps her for an older lady." Ewwww, why would a guy want to date a woman who's OLD? PUKE.

There's gonna be a new Police Academy, directed by Scott Zabielski of Tosh.0. At ease, gents. I don't know what police say.

Fox greenlit two pilots: Living Loaded, a single-camera comedy from Rob McElhenney, about "a loose partying blogger forced to change his career plans when he becomes a radio host," and Dana Fox's Ben Fox Is My Manny, about a male nanny. A manny. Does that count as a [...]

Trade Roundup: Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Charlie Sheen

Kristen Wiig is set to star in a new action-comedy script from Oscar winners Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. Action? Comedy? Kristen Wiig? Dean Pelton? So many good things! (Faxon will also be starring with Abby Elliott in Ben Fox Is My Manny.)

What do Andy Samberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Beyoncé all have in common? They'll all be appearing in One Hit Wonders, the upcoming film from Glee's Ryan Murphy. Also, they all love the color pink.

Brett Butler has joined the cast of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management as the bartender at the bar where Charlie's therapist character hangs out. Butler [...]

Trade Roundup: Patton Oswalt, Melissa McCarthy, Parks & Recreation

Patton Oswalt may star with Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as "Todd, a friendly eHarmony counselor." This is the role he was born to play, ladies and gentlemen.

CBS has picked up Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's 37-year-old-living-at-home sitcom, just a few weeks after ordering the script. They must've thrown a lotta good "grown man walking in on his parents having sex" jokes in there!

Parks & Recreation will be the host of a West Wing reunion later this season, when Bradley Whitford guest stars as the departing councilman whose seat Leslie wants. Tragically, he'll have no actual [...]

Trade Roundup: Steve Martin, Friday Night Dinner, Save Me, Michael Patrick Jann

Steve Martin's second book is being made into a movie starring Amy Adams. Object of Beauty is about an entrepreneur who "flies from New York to Russia to Washington D.C. to scout and buy art, steals a cherished family painting, and sleeps with and disposes of several men, including one who becomes a famous artist." Ooh la la, sounds stylish. No Muppets in this one.

Allison Janney and Tony Shalhoub have joined Greg Daniels' remake of the British Friday Night Dinner. Presumably they will play C.J. Cregg and Adrian Monk, who have married in the years since their respective shows have ended and share a very tidy [...]

Trade Roundup: Anger Management, White Van Man, Almost Vacant

Shawnee Smith has joined the cast of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management, which is mostly unsettling because it is a reminder that there is a show out there called Charlie Sheen's Anger Management.

ABC has ordered a pilot for White Van Man, a single-camera sitcom based on a British show about "a man who is forced to put his dreams on hold in order to take over the family handyman business from his father." It'll be written by Raising Hope writer Bobby Bowman. Do you think the title means that the van is white, or the man is white, or both?

Comedy Central joins the pilot-ordering party [...]