Sketch Etymology: How Your Favorite Sketch Groups Got Their Names

Like McSweeney's articles and Non-Governmental Organizations, the names of sketch groups often run the gamut from hyper-literal to the impossibly esoteric. If a group is successful, it can define its name so that people just think of them when they hear it. After all, what's a Monty Python if not Britain's greatest sketch group? But all these names, no matter how strange, came from somewhere. Below, you'll find the etymologies of seven prominent sketch groups, giving you the perfect bit of trivia to impress/annoy your comedy nerd friends with.

It's Schweechuk, Dammit: Ten Police Academy Truths of Which You May Not Be Aware

Does history boast a film series more venerable or revered than Police Academy, the seven goofball law enforcement comedies that launched Steve Guttenberg's career and provided Michael Winslow with a steady paycheck for over a decade? For the purposes of this article, no, Police Academy is humankind's greatest cinematic achievement. Yet, as widely popular as these films are, we still have much to learn about their history and production. Come forward now and intellectually bathe yourself in ten facts regarding these movies that are generally foreign to the average viewer in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and other parts unknown.