Who Has a Better Secret Past, Don Draper or Robin Scherbatsky?

Who’s a Better Mother, Roseanne or Donna Reed?

Which Is a Better Restaurant, Central Perk or Monk’s Cafe?

Who Would Win at Charades, Leslie Knope or Michael Scott?

Who’s Better at Working, Ben Wyatt or Henry Pollard?

Who’s the World’s Worst Father, Frank Reynolds or George Bluth, Sr.?

Who Would Win an American Gladiator Tournament, Ron Swanson or Dwight Schrute?

Who Would Win a Words With Friends Game, Jess Day or Abed Nadir?

Who Would Be a Better Crime Fighter, Gloria Pritchett or Phoebe Buffay?

Who Wins a Fashion Walk-Off, Tom Haverford or Kelly Kapoor?

Who Would Win in a Republican Primary, Jack Donaghy or Alex P. Keaton?

Who Would Win an Eating Contest, Liz Lemon or Ron Swanson?