Joel McHale Explains What It's Like to Be a Dyslexic TV Show Host

"There [are] all these live shows I'm doing with The Soup now, and I'm reading [a] teleprompter the whole time, and people wanted to promote [the show] by saying, 'Anything could go wrong!' That's what the E! executives wanted, and I was like, 'No, no, no! Just tell them I'm dyslexic. That should raise the stakes enough.' … It might not look like I'm concentrating and I'm just screwing around, but I really do have to concentrate while I'm reading. And half of the time I'm getting it wrong, but you can't tell because I'm just making up different words for it. It's smoke and mirrors."

Joel McHale talks [...]

Dick Cavett Didn't Think 'The Colbert Report' Would Last

"When [Stephen Colbert] graduated from his friend Jon Stewart’s show to his own, I was among the skeptics. I said he’d soon realize you can’t keep up this schizophrenic act of being a real person working behind the mask of an invented person—a character role—sorting out, moment by moment, your attitude from 'his' and thinking what Stephen would say versus what 'Stephen' would say. (Have I lost anyone?) Too many psychological balls in the air. I gave it three months. I also give stock-market advice."

All-time great Dick Cavett in a 400-word ode to fellow talk show host Stephen Colbert in Vanity Fair.